Mega Millions Ticket Price Increasing To $2: What Does This Mean For The Jackpot & Odds Of Winning?

Posted on Oct 25 2017 - 10:29pm by admin

You know the phrase ‘you have to spend money to make money?’ Mega Millions lottery is taking that philosophy to heart and increasing ticket prices from $ 1 to $ 2! Does that mean you’ll at least win more?

Mega Millions is redesigning its national lottery game from top to bottom with the goal of “attention-grabbing jackpots.” Their solution? Increased ticket prices and a different amount of numbers players need to pick to win. Starting with the October 28 game, tickets will be $ 2 instead of the traditional $ 1, and players will pick five numbers between one and 70. Additionally they’ll pick a Mega Ball number between one and 25. This differs from the current game, in which the five numbers are between one and 70, the Mega Ball number between one and 15.

Breathe easy, because these changes are actually really a good thing! Because of the increased ticket price and numbers, the game’s starting prize will jump from $ 15 million to a whopping $ 40 million! The odds of winning will also improve to a one in 24 chance. Amazing! Mega Millions has also added a new, optional game. There’s now a $ 3 wager called “Just the Jackpot,” which gives players two tickets for the price of 1/2! As the name suggests, the winning tickets can only be used on the game’s jackpot.

It’s hard to imagine how much the Mega Millions jackpot amount will increase with the October 28 game. It’s bound to be an historic number! The largest Mega Millions jackpot to date was $ 656 million in 2012, split between three people in different states. The second largest was awarded in 2016 — more than $ 500 million! Mega Millions is played in 44 states, along with Washington DC and the US Virgin Islands. Good luck to the players in those states and territories!

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