Meditation Can Improve Your Dating Life — Actual Stats Prove It: See How & Get A Date Fast

Posted on Oct 26 2017 - 6:14am by admin

There have been a lot of studies touting the benefits of meditation, but this may be the best one yet. It might get you a boyfriend.

Dating can be suppppperrrr stressful. Instead of drowning your anxieties with wine, try chilling out with meditation. A new study from eharmony and Stop, Breathe & Think, a meditation app, say that members who used Stop Breathe & Think were viewed on eharmony more by their matches, and were more successful in communicating with their matches compared to non-mediators. Um, downloading ASAP. The study compared 311 eharmony members who have also used the Stop, Breathe & Think app to 311 members who do not use S, B & T. Participants were of a similar age, gender, location and signed up for eharmony during the same time period.

According to the study, S, B & T users logged onto the dating app more often (81 percent more), which could mean they are more getting more work done and are more focused in other areas of life. Users browsed 92 percent more of their matches’ profiles, AND they were view 53 percent more often. Maybe you look less stressed in your pics?! The ones who have tried meditation were “engaged in open communication with 137% more of their eHarmony matches.” The results kind of speak for themselves. I’ve tried mediation before, and it made me less anxious and more relaxed, for sure.

Maybe meditators are more in touch with their own thoughts and feelings, and know what they are looking for? They may be more open to communicating since they are already focused on taking care of themselves, so now they can focus on their relationships.

HollywoodLifers, do you think? Would you think meditating would help you get a date?

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