May's Brexit deal with Corbyn IN CRISIS: Labour Remainers could TORPEDO agreement

Posted on May 8 2019 - 2:24am by admin

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell said he doesn’t “trust” the Prime Minister after she “blown the confidentiality” of the ongoing talks between Labour and Tory to cast a better light on her work. He said: “She’s jeopardised the negotiations for her own personal protection. We’re dealing with a very unstable Government. It’s trying to enter into a contract with a company that’s going into administration and the people who are going to take over are not willing to fulfil that contract. 

He said: “Although the Government is trying to redress their customs union offer, they haven’t really shifted.”

One major obstacle between Labour and Conservative is the possibility to hold a confirmatory referendum on any deal, even one backed by Labour.

Mr Corbyn has been urged in the past weeks to back a second referendum by three union bosses and Tom Watson, his deputy. 

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And 22 MEP candidates out of 70 have so far vowed in an open letter they will campaign for a fresh Brexit vote no matter what Mr Corbyn says.

Among them there are Richard Corbett and Seb Dance, respectively the current leader and deputy leader of the party in the European Parliament, and 12 more incumbent MEPs.

Speaking about the chances to strike a cross-party deal, Mr Watson said: “I don’t think we should give false hope on this, it’s going to be very difficult to find a negotiated settlement.”

This comes as a Conservative source told The Independent Mr Corbyn and Mrs May were getting closer to a breakthrough and even indicating next Tuesday as a key day. 

Saying the party was “optimistic” of a quick conclusion, the source added: “Tuesday will be the time when we know the likelihood of a possible deal.”

Mrs May’s spokesman said on Wednesday the Prime Minister wanted to carry on with cross-party talks for another week, despite she hadn’t yet found a “way forward”.

Both the Labour Party and the Conservative Party have received a “slap in the face” during Thursday’s local elections for their handling of Brexit, according to foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Tories lost more than 1200 seats, marking their worst performance since 1995, while Labour lost 82 seats.

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