May REFUSES to say she will quit if Brexit deal is voted down as PM faces tough battle

Posted on Nov 24 2018 - 5:31pm by admin

Mrs May launched a last-minute strenuous defence of her plan on BBC Radio 5 Live. Talking directly to Britons, who were given the chance to ask her questions over the phone, the Prime Minister didn’t give a straight answer when quizzed over her future. When asked if seeing her draft Brexit chucked would trigger her resignation, Mrs May told BBC’s Emma Barnett: “I’m focused. No, Emma, I’m focusing on ensuing that we get this deal through Parliament.” 

The Prime Minister, who voted Remain in the EU referendum in 2016, also claimed the plan she brought back from Brussels is the best possible one.

She added the Government does not have a plan B if it gets chucked.

Mrs May said: “If this deal doesn’t go through we end up back at square one with more uncertainty and division.

“I don’t think we will get a better deal – I think this is the deal that works for the UK.” 

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However, Mrs May refused to say whether she believes remaining within the European Union would be better for the country than accepting her deal.

Explaining she believes her deal is “very different” to staying in the bloc, Mrs May said: “I honestly believe that I am getting what is a good deal for the UK, I recognise that there were accepts of being in the EU that caused people real concern and free movement was one of those.”

The Tory leader said as a Remainer she wasn’t one of those people “who said if we leave the EU it will be really bad”.

Speaking to caller Michael, she added: “You say will we be better off, I say it will be a different sort of environment and different approach.  

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“What will make us better off, is not about whether we are in the EU or not but it’s about what we can do for our economy and prosperity.

“It’s less about whether we are in the EU, we want a good trade relationship with the EU and trade relations around the world.

“But it is about what we do. Our future is in our hands and that’s what is important.”

Looking confident about her chances to deliver Brexit, Mrs May also said there was no prospect of Brexit being stopped under her watch. 

The Prime Minister said: “From my point of view, personally, there is no question of ‘No Brexit’ because the Government needs to deliver on what people voted for in the referendum in 2016.”

Her comments come as MPs on all sides vowed today to oppose her “sell-out” deal.

More than 80 MPs have publicly trashed the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal with as many as 100 MPs expected to vote it down in the Commons, according to The Sun.   

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