May MELTDOWN: Tories face ‘OBLITERATION’ if Prime Minister doesn’t quit in ‘THREE weeks’

Posted on May 5 2019 - 11:30pm by admin

Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan said the problems with the party go right to the top with Mrs May. Mr Hannan wrote in The Daily Telegraph that unless the Tories “switch leaders now they face obliteration.” He said if MPs do not “remove Mrs May immediately” in less than three weeks “there will be no Conservative Party left to inherit”.

The leading Brexiteer wrote that Mrs May should have stepped down after “losing her majority in 2017 and when the ministers carrying out her Brexit policy resigned”.

He said: “She should have gone when she suffered the worst Commons defeat in 750 years of parliamentary history.

“But, inert and monotonous, she trudges on.”

The Conservative Party lost more than 1,300 seats in the local elections which is more than the party predicted.

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The Labour Party also saw considerable losses losing 84 seats.

Before the local elections, Mr Hannan predicted the Prime Minister would respond to the defeat by making a statement saying, “‘I have heard what people want.

And what people are asking for, up and down the country, is for Parliament to pass my Withdrawal Agreement.’”

Although Mr Hannan intended his statement to be a parody he admitted “it is almost exactly what has happened”.

The European elections will be held on May 23 and take place every 5 years.

The elections will be the first test for new parties Change UK and The Brexit Party.

Mr Hannan also said Mrs May’s attempts to push through a customs union with Labour is almost “too silly for words”.

According to the Brexiteer, 79 per cent of party members want Mrs May to resign.

However, he also said the only solution is for the 1922 Committee to “alter its rules and call a snap election”.

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