May BACKS DOWN on revealing ’most SIGNIFICANT Brexit publication’ ahead of EU summit

Posted on Jun 5 2018 - 6:51pm by admin

Senior Government officials are thought to have revealed the Prime Minister is now planning to publish a 150-page white paper after the European Council meets at the end of June, as it is currently “riddled with red ink”.

Mrs May’s allies said if the white paper does not appear until after the summit, it will not be published until July.

Brexit Secretary, David Davis, was said to be “disappointed” by colleagues that the detailed plan, that was meant to shape debate ahead of the Brussels summit, was being delayed.

Such a delay underlines the deep divides that continue to exist in the cabinet over customs plans and the Irish border.

An indication of Europe’s concerns about the lack of progress came from Germany’s top Brexit diplomat Peter Ptassek.

He wrote on Twitter: “What to expect from June EU Council regarding Brexit?”

“My personal impression: Not many are expecting very much now.

“If this is so, October would then have to solve all problems (withdrawal, NI, governance, future …) in one go.”

He added: “Odds still unclear.”

The frustration for the Brexit deadlock was also echoed on Monday by business leaders as the Prime Minister held a meeting at No10 with executives of 13 leading firms, which include Tesco, GlaxoSmithKline and BaeSystems.

A leading business figure said the leaders were “starting to disengage” after months of regularly making the same case to the Government.

He added: “We have repeatedly raised the same issues, such as the need for a frictionless trade after Brexit, but it is now a Gordian knot that we can’t help untie.”

Meanwhile, Theresa May will attempt to overturn all 15 of the House of Lords amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill in just one sitting when she returns to the Commons next week.

Mrs May’s aim is to get her Brexit legislation through in just 12 hours next Tuesday.

MPs revealed they will be voting into the early hours and conservatives MPs have been told by their chief whip to be on site “at all times” for the votes.

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