Matt Linnen: ‘I’ll lap up the attention after X Factor!’

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The X Factor Over 25s singleton Matt Linnen admits he’s a night owl who likes to party

It’s barely a month since the X Factor contestants moved into their plush multi-million pound north London mansion but hunk Matt Linnen is already finding it difficult to adjust to the new routine of ‘bunking-up’ with his co-stars.

The 28-year-old plasterer from Southend, who has three children to two different women, is not the oldest contestant but as the youngest of the Overs he admits he’s struggling to tame his wild partying ways.

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‘It’s been a bit of a culture shock living in the X Factor house,’ said Matt whilst chatting to us backstage at the X Factor live shows. ‘I’m in a bunk bed and there’s a curfew – I’m sleeping on the bottom in a room with Kevin. He’s just turned 30 and I’m 28, and it’s like ‘goodnight, lights out’ at 1am.’

And although the singer realises the curfew is to help all the contestants get enough rest, he’d prefer to stay up later.

He said: ‘If there’s nothing on the next day then I’m a bit of a night owl. I’ve gigged a lot so you finish work and you need to wind down, but I like to party as well.’

When we asked how he’s coping with all the female attention, Matt nervously replied: ‘Errrrr’ before swiftly adding: ‘I’m focusing on the competition at the moment. I’ll maybe lap it up when it’s all done. I am single. Can you line me up with any dates?’ [All form an orderly queue…]

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Surely Matt needs no help in that department [just look at those dreamy eyes] but forget expecting to see him pop up on Tinder so you can swipe right – the right girl will have to physically make his head turn to even get a look in as he’s a bit old fashioned when it comes to dating.

He told us: ‘I’m not on any dating apps – I’ve not got a problem with it but I’d rather get to know someone first. I find it [dating apps] quite superficial. I’d rather go out and meet people.’

And while at the time of going to press, it’s not known if Matt makes it thorough another week, he’s not worried about the new 12 minute flash voting system.

He added: ‘The talent’s so high. You just hope for the best.’

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