‘Marriage Boot Camp’: JJ Disses Juelia As A Fat ‘Greasy’ Woman With ‘Chunks Of S***’ On Her Face

Posted on Oct 21 2017 - 5:09pm by admin

So awkward! This week’s episode of ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ was an emotional rollercoaster, as the cast members were forced to write open, honest letters to their partners. And JJ’s was super harsh!

Ouch! Bachelor In Paradise star JJ Lane blasted his girlfriend, Juelia Kinney, pretty hard during the Oct. 20 episode of Marriage Boot Camp, when each cast member was asked to write an open, honest letter about their partner in an effort to deal with issues they’ve been too afraid to confront in the past. Obviously, everyone said some hurtful things about their partners, but JJ took his letter to a whole new level, writing, “Dear Juelia, I find it difficult to deal with your hair and makeup when it looks greasy and you have chunks of s*** in your eyebrows. Despite your diet, you are showing signs of weight issues later in life.” Harsh, right?

After Juelia read JJ’s letter out loud to herself, while laying in bed, she was left devastated. “Well that must have been written by a monster,” she said after explaining, “This letter completely tore me to my core. I’m sick to my stomach.” Then, she turned over in bed, pulled the covers over her head and likely cried her eyes out. Wouldn’t you?

When JJ realized Juelia read his letter, one that he thought the doctors had shredded up earlier in the night, he yelled, “WTF!” Then he said, “I dug my own grave here. I’m an absolute idiot. And I gotta pay the piper.” That you will, JJ. That you will.

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