‘Marriage Boot Camp’: A Judge Blasts Javi & Kailyn For Their Behavior After Divorce

Posted on Oct 28 2017 - 9:08am by admin

Oh snap! ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Javi and Kailyn had their butts handed to them during the Oct. 27 episode of ‘Marriage Boot Camp,’ when a judge blasted them for their disgusting behavior after divorce.

During the Oct. 27 episode of Marriage Boot CampDivorce Court Judge Lynn Toler lectured Teen Mom 2 stars Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry on their gross behavior towards each other, following their divorce. And she made sure they know how much their behavior was affecting their 3-year-old son, Lincoln. “Javi and Kailyn, you guys devolved into a conversation about ‘my house’ and ‘you’re not gonna get my money.’ Let me tell you something about the horror that is me,” she told the exes. “You don’t want the decision about your children’s lives to be in my hands or in any other judge’s hands. We don’t know your kids, we don’t understand your kids. You’re five minutes on my docket. We gonna make the best decision we can, but we don’t love them.”

Of course, when she mentioned their conversation about “my house” and “you’re not gonna get my money,” she was referring to a game Javi and Kailyn played earlier in the episode, during which each cast member was asked to throw a medicine ball at their partner — balls that had words of blame written on them. Kailyn threw a ball with the word “money” at Javi because he always threatened to take half her money in their divorce. And he threw a ball with the word “infidelity” at her, as he felt she always hid her phone while they were together. Then, he accused her of sleeping with another man, but she defended herself by saying the sex happened after she filed for divorce. It was very messy, so the judge’s lecture was necessary.

And fortunately for everyone involved, her words seemed to have an impact on Javi. In an interview, Javi said Kailyn had been saying the same things to him all along, but when the judge said those same words, he finally came to a realization. “That just really hit home for me, just hearing it from a judge who goes through these cases all day every day,” he said.

Marriage Boot Camp airs Friday nights at 9pm ET, on WE TV.

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