Mariah Carey allegedly paying boyfriend Bryan Tanaka $12k per week for ‘running her life’

Posted on Nov 14 2017 - 3:43pm by admin

Mariah Carey‘s boyfriend Bryan Tanaka, 34, who now plays three roles in her life including being her manager, her backup dancer and her partner is reportedly being paid $ 12k weekly by the singer to run her career.

This comes days after Mariah Carey, 47, and her former Russian manager Stella Bulochnikov parted ways after working together for almost three years.

Bulochnikov told Page Six in a statement on behalf of both women,

“After working together for almost three years, Mariah Carey and Stella Bulochnikov have determined that it is in their mutual best interest to part ways on day-to-day management.”

“During their time working together, they have accomplished great things, including, most recently, Mariah Carey’s new music and motion picture projects for this upcoming holiday season. Mariah Carey and Stella Bulochnikov remain partners in a number of business ventures, and will continue to support each other in those endeavors.”

Mariah Carey allegedly paying boyfriend Bryan Tanaka $  12k per week for

Now there are reports that Bryan who has allegedly been made Mariah’s manager was ultimately responsible for orchestrating Stella’s departure.

A source told TheJasmineBrand that since Stella left, ‘The boyfriend backup dancer definitely isn’t the right person to run her career.’

Another source adds, ‘This is a full-on Britney-and-Kevin Federline situation. Brian is a backup dancer, and knows nothing about managing an iconic artist.’

‘He has totally manipulated the situation to take over her life and push out everyone else, and Mariah just can’t see it.’

It is rumored that Mariah pays Bryan around $ 12,000 a week for running her life. No word on what the alleged figure entails. The source says

Mariah, who reportedly underwent weight loss surgery last month, is yet to release an official statement as to whom is currently managing her.

Mariah Carey allegedly paying boyfriend Bryan Tanaka $  12k per week for


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