MA Man, 34, Goes Naked Doing Yoga Poses At Planet Fitness Before Getting Arrested

Posted on Jul 25 2018 - 6:37pm by admin

‘Judgment Free Zone’ doesn’t mean ‘pants free zone,’ dude. A crazed Massachusetts man was arrested after he got naked inside a Planet Fitness gym for a round of nude yoga!

This sort of behavior might fly at Crunch Fitness, but as Eric M. Stagno, 34, of Haverhill, Mass. found out, you can’t get naked inside a Planet Fitness, all willy-nilly (to be fair, you very likely can’t get naked inside a Crunch Fitness or at any other major gym chain.) Eric was arrested on July 22 at a Planet Fitness in Plainstow, New Hampshire, after he allegedly went exercising in the nude! “The story we got from witnesses,” Plainstow police Capt. Brett Morgan said while talking to the New Hampshire Union Leader, “was that the guy walked in, stripped down right there in front, left the clothes and belongings at the front desk, walked back and forth across the gym a couple of times and then settled in over at the yoga mats.”

Eric supposedly started going through all the motions. He was found in a “yoga-type pose” when the authorities arrived. “The only comment he made was that he thought it was a judgment-free zone, apparently referencing their slogan,” Capt. Morgan said. Eric was booked with indecent exposure, lewdness and disorderly conduct.

The gym was fairly crowded at the time, according to the Boston Globe, but Eric “kept to himself.” He reportedly checked himself out in the mirror before heading over to the yoga mats, seemingly oblivious to the fact that he was making all his fellow patrons unconformable with his nudity. “Some of the comments some witnesses gave were that they felt uncomfortable, disgusted, sick, and unsafe,” Capt. Morgan said. “There were more witnesses coming forward than we could take names.”

Before you think anything, Eric “did have some drug paraphernalia in his possession” when he was arrested, according to the officer, but it wasn’t clear if he was under the influence when he was busted. He was evaluated by responders but refused further treatment. “To me, it’s like, ‘What did you smoke before you came to the gym?’” gym member Kat Lancaster said, per WMUR. “No, I don’t think you should be at the gym naked.”

“That’s not right at all. Why would you do that? People are uncomfortable. Make you uncomfortable. That’s weird,” Tony Nachef, another gym member, added. After Eric was booked, the naked yoga enthusiast was released on $ 1,000 bail and will be arraigned on the misdemeanor charges in a Plainstow Circuit Court on September 21.

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