Love Island's Olivia Attwood reveals the TRUTH about 'explosive argument' with boyfriend Chris Hughes after he started shouting at her following National Television Awards

Posted on Jan 27 2018 - 10:03am by admin

olivia attwoodOlivia Attwood has spoken about her rumoured ‘bust-up’ with boyfriend Chris Hughes [Wenn]

Love Island’s Olivia Attwood has explained that she was “embarrassed” after boyfriend Chris Hughes started shouting at her at the National Television Awards after she spent the night chatting with new friends.

It was reported that Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood had a heated argument in the early hours of the morning following the star-studded awards in London.

And the blonde beauty has taken to her new! magazine column to reveal what really happened as she branded Chris an “oddball”.

Olivia Attwood hints that fame has changed Kem Olivia Attwood poses at the National Television Awards before rumoured argument with Chris Hughes [Getty]

“It was reported that Chris and I had a big row at the after party and basically it’s just the same old with us two. We’re filming for the show so obviously things like this will be covered but the crux of it was Chris was upset that he didn’t se much of me in the evening but I was chatting to new people and taking in the night,” she explained.

“So when he saw me and started shouting, I was quite embarrassed as people got out their phones to film it!”

She continued: “His management managed to stop him from shouting so it was blown out of proportion really. I don’t think he is a good drinker!

Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood celebrate Chris' birthday Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood met while competing on Love Island [Olivia Attwood/Instagram ]

“I did remind him today that he does shout in public and I did say that he needs to not do that. He was like ‘I really don’t think I did’ and I was like ‘Ok you did’ and that was when the article came out so I was like, ‘believe me now?’”

Olivia’s confession comes after reports that she was “holding back tears” during the rumoured argument.

An onlooker exclusively told The Sun Online: “They spent the whole night apart – Chris with his friends, Liv with hers.

Chris Hughes confirms himself and Olivia Attwood are still together Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood faced split rumours earlier this year  [Chris Hughes/Instagram]

“At one point, Liv was sitting with two friends – it was around 12:30am – when Chris stormed over and said something to Liv.

“At one point, Liv was sitting with two friends – it was around 12:30am – when Chris stormed over and said something to Liv.

“They were clearly rowing – he was waving his hands around and gesticulating and she looked like she was holding back tears. She kept putting her hands up to her face. Chris stormed off back into the party and then stormed back over to her. He was really shouting in her face at one point. Then he stormed off again and didn’t come back.”

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