Love Island’s Frankie Foster exclusively explains what REALLY happened amid reports that his airport reunion with girlfriend Samira Mighty was ‘fake’

Posted on Jul 22 2018 - 3:36am by admin

Love Island: Frankie Foster has reacted to the backlash over the way the show is editedLove Island: Frankie Foster revealed what really happened during his reunion with Samira Mighty [ITV]

Love Island star Frankie Foster has hit out at the comments that his reunion with now girlfriend Samira Mighty at the airport was not genuine. 

Following Samira’s shock exit from the villa in which she vowed to follow her heart to be with the fitness coach, Frankie decided to surprise his girl at the airport and greet her off the plane.

However, the emotional reunion was overshadowed as fans accused the moment of being fake and set up by producers. 

Despite previously denying the claims on Instagram, Frankie has exclusively opened up to OK! Online to explain what really happened on that day.

Love Island: Frankie Foster explains 'fake' airport reunion Samira Mighty Love Island: Fans branded the reunion ‘fake [ITV]

Love Island: Frankie Foster explains 'fake' airport reunion Samira Mighty Love Island: Frankie Foster insisted his reunion with Samira Mighty was real [ITV]

He explained: “It was all natural. I saw that somebody said that she walked past, which definitely didn’t happen! Everything you saw happened as it did.

“The only thing is that they didn’t pick up me telling her that I wanted to take her on a date. So we literally just did that walk off again. But the whole thing of her walking out of the gate and jumping into my arms and stuff, that was all completely natural.”

He continued: “She had absolutely no idea I would be there. You saw a lot of people crowded around, they were the people on her flight, they saw her on the plane and they came out and saw me waiting so everybody knew what was going to happen. So everybody waited around to see.”

Meanwhile, Frankie also took the opportunity to rubbish claims that his relationship with the West End star was not the real deal, following claims that he told his met that he wasn’t into her. 

Love Island's Frankie and Samira made their romance official on Aftersun Love Island’s Frankie and Samira made their romance official on Aftersun [ITV]

After his agent rubbished the rumours to OK! Online, Frankie has now been first to tell us his feelings are one hundred per cent genuine.

He told us: “I wouldn’t be spending everyday with Samira if I didn’t like her and I think it’s more a case of wait and see. 

“Months down the line when we’re still together, I’m sure people will actually realise that it is real! 

“I don’t need to respond, I will just keep doing what I’m doing, when we’re still together in how many months time, people will then realise.”

Frankie Foster Samira Mighty romance Frankie Foster hit back at doubters of his and Samira’s relationship  [Wenn]

He added: “I don’t think I really have to respond, actions speak for themselves.”

His exclusive comments come after The Sun claimed they heard the Love Island star talking on the phone in Pret, claiming ITV made their romance look more serious than it was.

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