Loose Talk Podcast – Bed Bugs – Episode 162

Posted on Mar 20 2019 - 10:07pm by admin

Welcome to another episode of Loose Talk Podcast. This is episode 162, and on the last episode, “Mutually Beneficial” featuring Jekein Lato Uriah, the gang, minus Steve broke down the complex yet simple case of femininity, abuse and consent.

It was a truly good moment in Nigerian contemporary culture, especially because it also came on International Women’s Day 2019.

This time, Steve is back and popping, but Mo is reportedly out of the country on important p. The episode starts off with Jess telling the story of how she became a Lagosian purely off the strength of will.

Fan mails

The gang addresses a mail that backs Steve, states his opinion on the Nigerian elections and states some suggestions for the gang. Before this segment ends, a Kemi also complains about the inherent pedophilia in Nigeria, especially during the NYSC year as a Corps Member. The conversation also moves into #MeToo and the entertainment industry in Nigeria.

Jess then discusses the plight of the Nigerian female and why there is a low confrontation rate on harassment in the Nigerian industry.

“To live a life in Nigeria is to be constantly annoyed”

A few days ago, a lot of Nigerians lost their lives at No. 14, Massey Street, Ita-faaji, off Apatira Street. Before then, Professor Pius Adesanmi lost his life on the Ethiopian Airlines flight that crashed. It’s been a few dark days for Nigeria and the gang commiserates with the losses.

According to the gang, the problem with issues like this also comes down to the selfishness in the Nigerian government that only does things for rewards and gains. The discussion also gleans the problems of a terrible process culture and the problems with a lack of education and the insensitivity, and a lack of empathy for one another behind it all, even from seemingly sensible person.

Shout-out to Adesua Etomi

The actor was one of the global stars featured on the cover of Vogue Magazine. The gang then examines this.

Other interesting issues are discussed on this very interesting episode with a lot of interesting topics. 

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