Lola Okoye explains how she handles the negativity around her

Posted on Nov 29 2018 - 2:53am by admin

For the first time, Lola Okoye has come out to explain how she handles all the negativity around especially with the recent drama in the Okoye household.

The beautiful mother of two and wife to Peter Okoye made this known via her Instagram page on Tuesday, November 27, 2018. In a long post, the gorgeous mum said what people think about you is now of your business. This constant need for validation from randoms is so unhealthy, she said

“People send me DM’s asking me how I remain sane and composed when so much negativity is thrown my way and my answer to you is simple: Anger only hurts you! What people think of you is none of your business, you just need to live your truth! When your sense of satisfaction and self-worth is derived from the opinions of strangers then truly you are not in control of your happiness. This constant need of validation from randoms is so unhealthy. We are always told to stay away from negative vibes or negative people but then how will you grow your Love and Compassion if there is no one to upset you, hate you, hurt you or rub you the wrong way?


“Only YOU are responsible for your pyschic hygiene, only you can clear and fill your energy with love and goodness every day, no one can do it for you and you can only do so through life experiences good and bad. Aim to be kind to your enemies and haters. Your acts of kindness are never wasted because ultimately, God sees your heart and that is really what matters at the end of the day. Wishing you a blessed week my Insta-fam!             ❤❤❤         #lollipop #truth #love,” she wrote.

Lola Okoye and her kidsplay

Lola Okoye and her kids



Lola Okoye’s latest post might have been overdue following the drama that has ensued in the relationship between her husband, Peter Okoye and his brothers, Paul and Jude Okoye. A few weeks ago, Paul Okoye had made some comments on his Instagram page which suggested that he was throwing shades at Lola Okoye.

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Did Paul Okoye shade Lola Omotayo on Instagram?

Peter and Lola Okoyeplay

Peter and Lola Okoye

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What do you think guys? Was Paul Okoye shading his twin brother’s wife, Lola Okoye with his latest Instagram post? So Sunday, November 18, 2018, was Peter and Paul Okoye’s birthday and the social media buzz was explosive as everyone prayed they reconciled their differences including their wives, but looks like Paul isn’t having any of it as he took to his Instagram stories on Sunday, November 18, 2018, where he posted what seems like a shade towards Lola Okoye.

“Beware of people who preach love outside, but inside the plant evil seeds….may God soften their wickedness,” he wrote.

Paul Okoye shades Lola Okoyeplay

Paul Okoye shades Lola Okoye



It would be recalled that Lola Okoye pleaded with the twins to soften their hearts and end their rift on her Instagram page while she celebrated the twins on their birthday.


“Peter and Paul dem be one no be two. Happy Birthday guys! I am lost for words when it comes to your matter. I pray the Almighty God continues to guide and protect you. I pray that our father in heaven speaks to you individually and softens your hearts. I celebrate you today. I love you two. You are both legends. You are blessed. Your children adore you. We all adore you. God bless you today and every day. Peter and Paul dem be one no be two. Happy Birthday! @peterpsquare @rudeboypsquare,” she wrote.

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