Lib Dem leadership hustings: When are hustings being held? Locations and dates REVEALED

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Two candidates are standing in the race to become the next Liberal Democrats leader following Sir Vince Cable’s decision to stand down. Mr Cable announced his resignation in May after almost two years in the job. Jo Swinson, Liberal Democrats deputy leader, is taking on Ed Davey, the former Energy Secretary under the Cameron-Clegg coalition government.

They are competing at hustings both online and across the country, giving party supporters the chance to quiz them on their ideas and policy plans.

When are the hustings?

Hustings have been underway since the start of June and only three locations remain. They are:

Thursday, June 27 at 7.30pm

South East Hustings

Desolater Suite

Sofitel London Gatwick


Friday, June 28 at 7pm

East of England Hustings

Arthur Goodhart Lecture Theatre


Friday, June 29 at 3pm

West Midlands Hustings

Stratford upon Avon School


Tickets are sold out to the first two hustings but tickets for the third are still available from the Liberal Democrats’ official website.

Ed Davey, the MP for Kingston and Surbiton, is being supported by a number of peers, MEPS and former MPs.

They include William Wallace, Caroline Voaden and Christ Davies.

Jo Swinson, MP for East Dumbartonshire, has the support of Olly Grender, Sheila Ritchie and Peter Taylor.

Party members will make the final decision in a postal ballot, the results of which will be announced on July 23.

What do the Liberal Democrats stand for?

The party has promoted itself as the anti-Brexit Party intent on holding another EU referendum.

Outgoing leader Vince Cable said Labour Party and Conservative Party members are considering defecting to the Liberal Democrats.

He told BBC Radio 4’s The Westminster Hour: “There are quite a lot of Tory MPs, some Labour, who were going to make the jump and didn’t but are now realising that their position is becoming impossible and who might well come to us.

“So we’re talking to quite a wide group of people, not just the independent MPs.”

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