Lib Dem humiliation: Davey's electric car clash savaged in showdown with BBC QT audience

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Daniel was given the floor when he said: “The announcement this week that fossil fuel cars will be banned in 2036. “What will the Government do to incentivise us to buy electric cars?

Co-Leader Sir Davey said: “I want them to be cheaper – and the Lib Dems want them be brought in as soon as possible.”

But Dan felt this wasn’t good enough.

He said: “I don’t think we have the infrastructure for it.

“I think its unachievable.”


Daniel took Sir Ed to task. (Image: BBC)


The Lib Dem co-Leader wants to see the electric car in the mainstream as soon as possible. (Image: BBC)

He rationed his statement by saying: “Come 2036, you are still going to be able to drive your car and use the petrol station.

“They are not going to stop you going to a petrol station.

“It will make no difference.”

He continued: “And people can’t afford to buy new cars, because they are so much more expense.”

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He continued: “And people can’t afford to buy new cars, because they are so much more expense.” (Image: Getty)

Sir Davey came back with: “We can do it with much cheaper electricity.

But Dan snapped: “Where it the cheaper electricity going to come from?”

Guardian journalist Rachel Shabi chimed in.

She stressed that the incentive needed state invention to make it.

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Yesterday’s Question Time panel. (Image: BBC)


Host Fiona Bruce. (Image: Getty)

It comes as Tory MP Robert Buckland was pushed to draw attention to the funny parallel between Boris Johnson and Donald Trump during the same show.

Buckland, Secretary of State for Justice since 2019, was pushed into making a hilarious comparison between the President and Prime Minister.

It came about as audience members discussed the impeachment result, in which Trump was acquitted this week.

It began when Sir Davey asked: “Do you feel any discomfort about Donald Trump and Boris Johnson being so pally?”

Mr Buckland responded: “Well look, I think apart from the hair, I do not see much commonality between a classical scholar and Donald Trump.”

Ms Bruce, then asked: “Are you saying the pair of them have the same hair colour?

“I think Boris Johnson might have a word with you about that.


The topic riled up the panel. (Image: Getty)

One’s orange and one’s blonde.”

Mr Buckland continued: “I’m sorry, I do think that some easy comparisons are made that are actually not born out of the evidence.”

He went on to speak of Democratic Party’s Iowa caucuses elections, which has not yet been fully counted, owing to a technical hitch.

He said: “What I want to see in the United States is the Democratic Party organising its caucuses efficiently so that we know what the results are going to be.”

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