LeBron James Claims He’s The ‘King Of New York’ & No One Can Argue It

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The King prevails at the Garden, once again! After leading the Cavs to a win against the Knicks, after overcoming a 23-point deficit, LeBron James has dubbed himself, the King of New York! And, come on, can we really argue it at this point?

LeBron James, 32, is the King of New York, according to him! The four-time MVP is feeling pretty good after the Cavs eliminated a 23-point deficit to pull the win over the New York Knicks last night, 104-101. James took to Instagram to let the world know that he dominated at the Garden, once again, amidst a slow start, endless boos, and a tense scuffle with New York’s Frank Ntilikina, 19, and Enes Kanter, 25.

“You’re welcome..,” he captioned a photo of himself standing next to the Knicks logo on the court in NY. James accompanied the caption with a crown emoji, which was clearly meant to read, “King of NY”. He also used the hashtags, “my favorite playground” and his signature, “strive for greatness”. Check out James’ viral photo, below!

In his self-proclaimed “favorite playground,” Madison Square Garden, James walked away with 23 points, 12 assists, nine rebounds and four blocks. He led the Cavs in their biggest deficit comeback since Nov. of 2006 when they trailed by 25 points against Boston. And, he wasn’t the only star of the night. Kyle Korver, 36, did what he does best and knocked down five threes in the fourth, ending the game with 21 points; with 19 of those in the fourth quarter alone. Dwyane Wade, 35, also showed why he’s the peanut butter to LeBron’s jelly [or the other way around … they haven’t decided yet], when he put up 15 points, eight rebounds, three assists, two steals and one block for 28 minutes of play.

Despite the close ending, the Cavs opened up last night’s matchup, seemingly in their on-going slump; That was until James hit some magical switch in the second half and was out-of-this-world unstoppable. His motivation even rallied up the Cavs around him to produce better plays, hit buckets and catch good looks in the paint.

Speaking of motivation, James had a lot of it going into last night’s game against the Knicks, for a few reasons. As a smart businessman, who knows how to work a narrative, as well as, set up the perfect moment to hit us all with an electric performance, well, that’s exactly what James did leading up to game. Over the weekend, James praised rookie, Dennis Smith Jr., 19, [Mavericks], when he said that the Knicks missed out, having not drafted him at No. 8; Instead, the Knicks took Frank Ntilikina.

Well, Knicks fans weren’t happy that Ntilikina ended up in the crossfire of James’ comments, including Knicks center, Enes Kanter. Kanter defended Ntilikina as soon as James made his original comments, saying, “This is my rookie. I cannot just let [James] disrespect [Ntilikina] like that… It doesn’t matter if it’s LeBron or whoever it is…”

Despite his opinions, James cleared the air before the game, when he said his comments were meant to be a shot at former Knicks president, Phil Jackson, who he’s been feuding with for years. James also made it clear that he was not shading Ntilikina, although some people who “live in a box” thought otherwise. James added, “Enes Kanter, he’s always got something to say… I don’t know what’s wrong with him.” What timing, right? LeBron set up the perfect rivalry before the Cavs hit the Garden, and he delivered.

In the first quarter, James, Ntilikina and Kanter all got into a heated scuffle, which resulted in technicals for James and Kanter. And, that pretty much set the tense tone of the game, which led in an upset for Knicks fans, who thought the team had the W in the bag. But, true to form, the Cavs came back swinging.

In a post-game interview, Kanter took another shot at James when he said, “I don’t care who you are, King, or you call yourself, King, Queen, Princess, whatever you are; you know what, we’re going to fight.” And, you know James was asked about it in his own post-game interview. “Well, I’m the King, my wife is a queen and my daughter’s a princess,” he said with a smile, adding, “So, we’ve got all three covered.” It’s safe to say that James and Kanter won’t be sipping red wine together anytime soon.

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