Late Big Pun’s daughter calls out Fat Joe for being a phony friend to her father; he claps back! ‘You didn’t even know him’

Posted on Jan 23 2018 - 8:12am by admin

Big Pun, real name Christopher Lee Rios, has been dead for almost 18 years but his daughter, Star Rios will not bury the hatchet.

The 27-year-old, who is also a musical artist, is calling out her father’s friend Fat Joe for being a “jealous” and “greedy” friend. This comes after her mother, Liza Rios filed a lawsuit against Fat Joe, asking for more than a million dollars. In the lawsuit, Lisa stated that she and Fat Joe had a deal to split money made by her late husband Big Pun following the rapper’s passing in 2000. Despite the alleged deal, Rios said she hasn’t received any money since 2005.

Just yesterday, Star continued where her mother stopped by calling Fat Joe out.

Sharing a photo of her father with Fate Joe, Star wrote: “My father. The most talented, Loyal Man I ever known. Along side the OPP. Your enemies is always closer to you than you’ll ever know, praying for your downfall. Keep your eyes open please. JEALOUS ONES STILL ENVY! And that the REAL Truth! #Greedy#Snake #Fraud #LetMeShowYou”

Late Big Pun

And Fat Joe clapped back on Twitter. He told Star that she didn’t even know her father, hence wasn’t in a position to have an opinion.

Late Big Pun

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