Lady Donli channels nollywood and 90’s music videos with visuals for, ‘Suffer Suffer.’

Posted on Jul 12 2019 - 8:16pm by admin

Artist: Lady Donli

Song Title: Suffer Suffer 

Genre: Afrobeat, Afro-folk,

Date of release: July 12, 2019

Album: Enjoy Your Life 

Producer: TBA

Video Director: TBA

Details/Takeaway: Fresh off her affiliatin with Mr. Eazi, Lady Donli ramps up efforts for her debut album. 

With the singles released thus far, one can predict the album’s brilliant direction. Honestly, it all seems distant, yet familiar. 

In the early days, Nollywood movies would have 10-15 minutes of movie ads before any the movie starts – it was customary. There, a culture was birthed. 

During this same era, Nigerian music videos also succumbed to technological limitations. A picture overlap in music videos to capture multiple scenes in one was the result.

Satirical or politically charged songs that document or criticize social issues like corruption or tribal warfare would feature newspaper cuts or video cuts of these unfortunate events in the background while the artist is shown singing away in a picture overlap. 

Lady Donli tries to capture all these wrinkles in time in a packed five minutes of satire and social commentary. The singer herself plays protagonist as she discusses opportunistic ‘enjoyment’ as an incidence of suffering and corruption

You can watch the video below;

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