Ladi and Kari drift apart as Naomi breaks up with Noah in episode 10 of ‘Man of her dreams’

Posted on Mar 9 2019 - 8:43pm by admin

In the final episode released on Friday, March 8, Kari and Ladi drift apart as Naomi breaks up with Noah after their traditional wedding.

The web series ended on Friday, March 8, 2019 with the final episode titled ‘Ice cream + Wine’.

Ladi moved out of the flat as the rift between herself and Kari grew further. Ladi informed Kari that she had to move out to be with her sick mum and also share good times with her boyfriend, Amir.

Kari went for one of the job openings suggested to her by Naomi while her mum, Dame, left the country for her annual vacation. She sent Kari’s stuff over to her flat with a reminder of her rent.

Kari and Ladi discussing in Ladi’s room in episode 9 [YouTube/Bukafedfgeek]

Naomi calls Noah while he was at Kari’s apartment and returned looking dejected. He shared the sad news of his breakup with Naomi with a dejected Kari.

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The news of the couple’s breakup lightened up Kari’s mood as she made to enjoy the combination of Ice cream and wine with Noah. The situation leaves Kari and Noah alone together in the flat.

‘Man of her dreams’ features Folu Storms, Sonia Irabo, Eso Okolocha, Rekiya Atta, Ibrahim Suleiman and Mgabkor Emmanuel.

The web series is a production of Aghahowa’s new YouTube platform, Bukafedgeeks.

‘Man of her dreams’ premiered on Monday, February 25, 2019, and already has six episodes.

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