Labour Party gubernatorial candidate, Princewill resigns from politics
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In a transfer signifying the Prince now actually intends to curb on his different endeavours and resume political actions, a former gubernatorial candidate of the Labour birthday party in 2015, Mr. Tonye Princewill formally tendered his on resignation Monday as a member of the Labour birthday celebration but went on to claim he did so as a result of he needs to make more of an influence in the lives of his people.

Prince Tonye Princewill
Prince Tonye Princewill

part of his observation read as follows; “unlike many of my just right pals who keep away from politics, i will’t. Too many good Nigerians want individuals who can speak up for them. God did not supply us this voice or the power to walk inside and outside of powerful rooms simply to observe my own private agenda and keep in my own alleviation zone. He gave me a voice to speak. And so i need to. And so i will. Voices usually take advantage of influence when in politics.”

The Prince went on to reconfirm that he had no real interest in working for Governor however used to be unreservedly dedicated to playing his function towards a greater Rivers state, a better Niger Delta and a better Nigeria. “Ambition is a part of the explanation we are where we’re nowadays, I refuse to put personal ambition above birthday party or state. My simplest ambition is our folks. under any leadership. It does not have to be me.”

See the entire letter beneath:

dear Sir,


All my life has been about looking to make a difference, to now not be the kind of Nigerian who sits and watches the status quo go through, complaining, protesting and examining, while doing nothing about it, claiming helplessness as an excuse for inactivity.

in contrast to lots of my just right pals who steer clear of politics, i can’t. Too many just right Nigerians need individuals who can discuss up for them. God didn’t supply us a major voice or the power to walk inside and outside of powerful rooms just to follow my very own non-public agenda and stay in my own alleviation zone. He gave me a voice to speak. And so i have to. And so i’ll. Voices typically take advantage of affect when in politics.

unfortunately i can not do this from within the Labour party for 2 main causes. First, in spite of the various good men and women who lift their membership card, the current leadership style and track file negate the roughly growth Nigerians and i urgently want. Secondly, the continual lack of ability of the Labour unions to wake up politically way meaningful strides cannot be made in a divided Labour movement blissfully ignorant of its strength.

it’s on that foundation, that I now smooth my resignation as a member of the Labour celebration, effective immediately. I not are looking to are trying to find govt workplace however i will stay vocal in the political space and successfully – politically. to do that, I must leave, but I want the birthday celebration well in all its endeavours. I wish to shut with a quote.

“Some folks believe holding on and striking in there are indicators of serious strength. however, there are times when it takes way more strength to know when to let go and then do it.”

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