Labour MP Kate Osamor ‘BLACKLISTED by Wikipedia for repeatedly editing her own page’

Posted on Dec 4 2018 - 6:34am by admin

The politician, who quit yesterday after a string of embarrassing scandals including an accusation against her of misleading the public by keeping her drug dealer son in a £50,000 job with the party, has been banned by the online encyclopaedia, according to reports. Ms Osamor kept editing her own profile to try and remove references she plagiarised former US president Barack Obama’s acceptance speech when she was caught red handed copying it word-for-word when she was re-elected in the General Election last year, The Sun reports. She is understood to have replaced the word “America” with “Labour” and her constituency name “Edmonton” in the nearly identical speech. Using a pseudonym called Midnights1, Ms Osamor reportedly changed the references on her Wikipedia page and instead wrote how she had “paid homage to Barak [sic] Obama” – whose name she spelt incorrectly on the page.

She received a warning from Wikipedia about meddling with the page and “disruptive editing”, according to reports.

When she refused to heed warnings, she was reportedly blocked from the page for three days for “vandalism” to it.

She is said to have threatened Wikipedia, raging to them: “If I see it added again I will have no choice but to sue the editor and the platform that allowed it to be posted.”

She then called the police on him.

The Times say the reporter had asked for a comment from the ex Shadow Secretary of State for International Development about claims she mislead the public by keeping her son in a communications role with a whopping £50,000 pay packet despite allegations she knew he was convicted for drug offences after documents revealed she had begged the judge who sentenced him for leniency.

She has also been blasted for nepotism for getting her 29-year-old son the job despite him being found with drugs worth £2,500 at the Bestival music festival in Dorset in 2017.

Tory MP Priti Patel has demanded an inquiry into her actions.

Last year, Ms Osamor was widely mocked for ripping Mr Obama’s speech when she was re-elected.

She quit her role to “support her family”, she said in a statement yesterday. has contacted the Labour Party for comment.

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