Labour MOCKED by Fiona Bruce on BBC QT over Corbyn walkout as audience ERUPT in laughter

Posted on Mar 22 2019 - 5:50pm by admin

The Shadow Solicitor General was attempting to criticise Mrs May for not reaching out to MPs during the Brexit negotiations. However, Ms Bruce interjected and reminded Mr Thomas-Symonds about Jeremy Corbyn’s walkout from a meeting on Wednesday. She said: “You’re talking about reaching out, Jeremy Corbyn said how he has and continues to want to reach out.

He said: “As I understanding there was some confusion in the meeting.”

Mr Thomas-Symonds was then cut off due to further laughter from the audience.

Mr Corbyn walked out of a crisis meeting with Mrs May due to Mr Umunna being present.

He did not believe Mr Umunna should be in the meeting as he was not a leader of a recognised party.

The Labour politican had originally been responded to a question asking whether an extension conditional on a vote is blackmail.

He said: “Whether you use the word blackmail or hostility to Parliament, last few months have been entirely discreditable and entirely reckless in the way she has been.”

Discussions on the show this week centred on comments made by Mrs May on Wednesday night.

In a speech she blamed MPs for the extension of Article 50, which was approved by EU officials last night.

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