Labour leader Corbyn wants to ‘STAND DOWN’ Shadow Cabinet sources claim

Posted on Mar 20 2019 - 7:39am by admin

Anonymous members of the veteran left-winger’s clan said he was running low on enthusiasm as his 70th birthday looms, the London Evening Standard reports. One unnamed member of his shadow cabinet said: “He’s tired and fed up.” Another of Mr Corbyn’s from bench added: “Corbyn is ready to step down. He wants to step down.” The sources also claimed he took naps during the day. Labour rubbished the claims however, and said in a statement Mr Corbyn was continuing with his punishing schedule of work in Westminster.

They also said he was pushing ahead with campaigning throughout the UK.

A party spokeswoman said: “The fact that it’s been put in the diary section probably reflects its shoddy sourcing.

“It’s complete and utter nonsense.”

Mr Corbyn is set to order his MPs to vote for a plan that will drive for a second Brexit referendum.

Labour MPs Peter Kyle and Phil Wilson had outlined a possible amendment to the meaningful vote that approves the deal if it is put to a referendum.

Though House of Commons Speaker John Bercow today threatened to block a third vote on Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal unless she change it.

He said MPs have expressed concerns about being asked to vote on Mrs May’s controversial deal more than once.

He said unless her deal is revised, he will prevent the third meaningful vote on it.

In an interview with Sky News yesterday, Mr Corbyn stressed that Labour was “not supporting Theresa May’s deal at all because we think it’s a blindfold Brexit which will actually do enormous damage to our economy”.

But he indicated Labour would back the amendment tabled by backbenchers Peter Kyle and Phil Wilson, which would provide a People’s Vote on the deal.

Mr Corbyn said: “We have obviously got to see the wording of it.”

He added: “I’m enthusiastic about getting a deal with Europe which guarantees our future trading relationship and protects job and industries in this country.

“I do think people should have a choice on that.”

When challenged over whether or not he wanted Britain to live the EU, he said: “We want to have a relationship with the EU of the type I set out and people will have a choice on that.

“But there will be a credible choice in any referendum that Labour proposes.”

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