Kylie Jenner says she’s been BULLIED by 'the whole world' since she was nine years old in emotional video

Posted on Sep 13 2018 - 10:20pm by admin

Kylie JennerKylie Jenner has opened up on being bullied [Getty]

Kylie Jenner has opened up on bullying, claiming to be the subject of torment since she was nine years old.

She spoke about how she has been bullied by “the whole world” since she began starring in Keeping Up With The Kardashians in 2007.

The 21 year old spoke to her millions of fans about her experience, reassuring them that they are not alone.

Kylie revealed she has been bullied since she was nine years oldKylie revealed she has been bullied since she was nine years old since she began starring in Keeping Up With The Kardashians[Kylie Jenner]

Kylie starts the emotional video telling her followers: “Half of you guys think I’m weird. And the other half think I’m funny. But I’ve been bullied since I’ve been nine. From the whole world it feels like sometimes.”

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The video shows clips of the star growing up in the limelight alongside footage of her crying.

“And I think, I think I’ve done a really great job in handling all of this. But there’re bullies everywhere,” she continues. “So this just a little like snapchat to tell whoever with their own bullies that the only opinion that really matters is yours and to never change.”

Kylie says being in the public eye means she's constantly bullied by "the whole world"Kylie says being in the public eye means she’s constantly bullied by “the whole world” [Kylie Jenner]

Kylie Jenner is seen leaving an Adidas Event in Los Angeles, CA. Pictured: Kylie Jenner Ref: SPL5021515 070918 NON-EXCLUSIVE Picture by: Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles: 310-821-2666 New York: 212-619-2666 London: 0207 644 7656 Milan: +39 02 4399 8577 Sydney: +61 02 9240 7700 World Rights, Kylie is scrutinised because of her fame []

The video ends with Kim Kardashian’s youngest sister, saying: “This isn’t a pity party though, don’t get it twisted. This is for those with bullies out there to know that you’re not alone. Now goodnight, spread love.”

Kylie’s video comes at an important time for the entrepreneur, who gave birth to her first child — daughter Stormi — in February.

Travis Scott’s girlfriend melted hearts on Wednesday when she shared an image of Stormi enjoying a slumber party with her cousin Chicago West.

Stormi Webster and Chicago West have enjoyed a slumber party togetherKylie’s daughter Stormi enjoyed a sleepover with Kim Kardashian’s daughter Chicago [Instagram/Kylie Jenner]

Newly appointed Adidas ambassador Kylie’s millions of fans were quick to comment on the post, declaring their adoration for two of the newest members of the Kardashian clan.

One fan admitted the duo were “making me broody” as another simply wrote: “Gorgeous babies!!”

“I can’t deal, too much cuteness in one picture,” another added, while a third noted: “Omg they look like twins.”

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