'King Tonto': Tonto Dikeh talks about having cosmetic surgery in episode 3 of reality series

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In 2017, in an official teaser for the “King Tonto” reality show, Tonto Dikeh  admitted to wanting a body surgery.

On June 8, 2018, few episodes of the show were released on the new online streaming platform, Linda Ikeji TV, and in episode three, Dikeh talks about getting a surgery, shares her reason and visits a surgeon.

The actress said going under the knife was something she had considered for a while as she had, over the years, had some insecurities about her body.

“While I do believe that God created me perfectly, I also believe that God has placed doctors, surgeons and medicine in our lives for a reason. I am not trying to tweak God’s work, I am not trying to tamper with God’s work, I am just trying to appreciate my body more,” the actress said in the episode. 

In this episode, she pays a visit to Doctor Ayo, a surgeon, who she has heard about and has seen his work.

“I think that he is really really good. So I got up this morning and thought, ‘girl, you deserve this and this is what you really want. If it’s gonna make you happy, do it.”

During her conversation with Doctor Ayo, the actress said that while she is just coming out of a particular phase in her life – having a baby and going through a divorce – she is at a happy place in her life and everything is exciting.

But her body is something that she has always been extremely ashamed of.

“I don’t think any man has ever seen me totally naked because I am not even comfortable with my own body. I have actually wanted to correct a few things on my body and I think this is the right time to do it. she tells Doctor Ayo.

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Tonto Dikeh says husband couldn’t afford a house when they got married

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On the specific areas she’s concerned with, the actress says, “my boobs, I have a very soft breast, it has never ever been firm. Even while growing up, it has always been very soft and droopy.

Also, I have the under womb thing that no matter how much I work out, I still have this bulge out there. This moment, I don’t even want to work out anymore. I just want to take out the fat. Then I want to cinch my waist.”

She doesn’t really care much for the butt, but then, she doesn’t mind if the doctor works on it to enlarge it. However, after a body check, the doctor told her she had no body fat and would need to add some weight for the surgery, which from several promo clips, eventually took place.

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Part of the scenes in the promo clip saw Tonto Dikeh submit herself to a cosmetic surgery expected to enhance her confidence when it concerns her physical appearance.

(Instagram/Linda Ikeji)


In a previous episode, the actress addressed claims that she lied about her husband’s financial status.

You can watch episodes of King Tonto on the recently launched Linda Ikeji TV.

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