Kenya Moore’s Mysterious Husband Finally Comes Out Of Hiding On ‘RHOA’ — Watch His Entrance

Posted on Mar 23 2018 - 5:21pm by admin

At long last ‘RHOA’ cast mates and fans will be getting their first look at Kenya Moore’s mysterious husband Marc Daly. We’ve got the video of his grand entrance.

Even though Kenya Moore secretly tied the knot with husband Marc Daly in June of 2017, Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers — as well as the cast — haven’t seen anything of the camera-shy spouse this season. Now he’s going to finally make his first appearance on the show on March 25 and we’ve got the video of his grand entrance. Kenya gets teased by her cast mates if they’re finally going to meet her mister at a gala screening for her domestic violence PSA. The ladies are all dressed to the nines in evening gowns and perfect makeup, and Kenya seems to think her man won’t be able to make it.

“He’s working and he was just like ‘I can’t but I send you my love.’” Kenya, 47, says as Sheree Whitfield tells her “Aw. I’m like, ‘This is a major night for her. This is the night we’re gonna meet him!’” Yeah, ya think! “He cannot get on a plane by himself girl. I have to book the ticket, I have to pick out his clothes,” Kenya explains as she gushes how she loves to take care of him. This elicits some eye rolls from cast members as some of them don’t believe Marc is even real.

Kenya — looking fierce in a tight white gown with a giant chest cut-out — then takes to the stage to make introductions. “I want to thank the people who hold me up daily and I want to thank you girls,” she begins as Marc sneaks through a door into the event and all eyes are on him. He blows Kenya a kiss as her cast mates look on in shock. He’s been discussed so much this season and now everyone is finally seeing him in the flesh! For awhile there with the speed of their quickie marriage, that fact that Kenya didn’t tell the show, didn’t have the ceremony filmed, and never has her husband around has naturally made some of the ladies unsure of Marc’s very existence.

They are definitely married and the couple finally walked their first red carpet together at the Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscars party. Daly told Entertainment Tonight at the event that “Honestly, I just laugh at it,” about the rumors that he’s a fake husband. “I know I’m real, and she knows I’m real and that’s all that matters.” Now the rest of the RHOA will finally realize that he’s real as well when the episode introducing Marc airs Sunday, March 25 at 8pm on Bravo.

Not only is Marc real, he might be becoming a daddy! A report claims that at the March 15 RHOA reunion show, Kenya risked not coming back next season until she sprung the new that after an IVF struggle, she’s pregnant with her first child. With as secretive as she’s been about her husband, who knows how she’ll be about a possible baby. Kenya didn’t look pregnant at the Oscars party and that was less than two weeks before the RHOA reunion show.

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