Kentucky Girl, 12, Charged With Allegedly Trying To Kill Stepbrother, 4 — Mom Loved Him More

Posted on Jul 15 2018 - 12:29am by admin

A 12-year-old girl in Kentucky is under arrest for allegedly poisoning her four-year-old stepbrother because she felt her her mom loved the boy more than her. We have the shocking details.

There’s always bound to be sibling rivalry in a blended family, but this is out of control! A 12-year-old girl in Christian County, KY has been arrested for allegedly poisoning her four-year-old stepbrother with the powerful cleansing solvent Mr. Clean. The girl’s mother went through her Skype messages as discovered that she’s been corresponding with a person in Texas and claimed that she was going to use Mr. Clean to off her little brother. Authorities say the boy then became sick and the mother confronted her daughter. who allegedly admitted to trying to poison the boy because she believed her mom loved him more than her.

“Obviously, this is not something that’s normal,” Captain Chris Miller, of the Christian County Sheriff’s Office told WTVF-TV. “It’s quite normal for brothers and sisters to fight, brothers and sisters to disagree. This is kind of above the normal for what we would expect out of that age.” Since there is no attempted murder charge in the state of Kentucky, the girl has been charged with murder even though her brother is still alive. She’s now been hospitalized and is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. “Depending on the outcome of her medical evaluation, that murder charge could be reduced to something else with the same penalty,” Captain Miller continued.

“We’re talking about a 12-year-old here, so we are looking into the mind of a 12-year-old, what bothers her and what makes her tick. This is obviously something that bothered her,” Captain Miller said, adding that when deputies talked to the girl with her mom present, she said she poisoned her brother “because he was annoying her.” Since both of the children are minors, authorities are not releasing their names.

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