Kendra & Joe Marry In ‘Really Emotional’ Ceremony Filled With Tears & Laughs In ‘Counting On’ Finale

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Kendra & Joe Duggar finally tie the knot in the season finale of ‘Counting On,’ & it was not only gorgeous but super emotional! Joe even ‘bawled’ when he saw his bride!

Many tears were shed during the March 26 season finale of Counting On — and for good reason! During the episode, which was shot back in September, Joe Duggar, 23, and Kendra Caldwell, 19, officially walked down the aisle, tying the knot in a beautiful ceremony that even had a few surprises! Tears began to flow early on in the episode, with Kendra’s mom crying during Kendra’s last dress fitting before the wedding. Kendra was the first in her family to leave home and settle down, so it was an especially emotional time for her parents. Click here to see adorable pics of Joe and Kendra.

During the couple’s wedding rehearsal, both Joe and Kendra admitted things finally “felt real” for the first time. “I am feeling really excited and kind of looking forward to seeing how everything’s going to play out in the rehearsal,” Kendra told producers. “It gives you a glimpse into what the wedding day will be like.” But while there were mostly laughs during the rehearsal, in the evening, during dinner, more crying took place. Kendra’s little sister, for one, made the bride tear up during her maid of honor speech. 

“I’m going to miss you but I know it’s for the better,” her sister said. Kendra later told cameras with a laugh, “It doesn’t take much” for me to tear up. Joe’s sister, Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth, also took the mic, and her speech was the most emotional of the night. “First of all, I want to say, Joe, I’m so thankful for you,” the expectant mom began. “You really did change my life. Just through my teen years, I was having a hard time taking my parents faith as my own, and you really befriended me as an older brother.”

Kendra and Joe Duggar get married in Counting On Finale

Joy went on to praise Joe for being so kind and patient with her. “You were the first to say good morning every day… It really meant a lot to me,” she said. And as for Kendra, Joy made sure to point out that she’s a true friend and a wonderful person. “Kendra, I love you so much,” she gushed. “Ya’ll are such a great match for each other.” 

After joyful tears, good food, and memorable toasts, the guests went home and Joe and Kendra had their last evening apart before becoming man and wife. “The night before my wedding, I was excited,” Joe later said. “I was hoping I could just go to sleeep because that makes the night go much faster.” When the big day arrived, Kendra revealed she was feeling “amazing” but was “nervous” for her and her man’s very first kiss. 

I didn’t have the urge to kiss him for a long time, but once the wedding got closer, I kept thinking, ‘I can’t wait to kiss you,’” Kendra shared, as she said she was most looking forward to kissing Joe. Meanwhile, Joe said he just couldn’t wait to finally be married to the woman of his dreams — aw! ”I love everything about Kendra,” he gushed. “I don’t know if there’s anything I don’t love. She’s a beautiful girl inside and out and she’s going to be the best wife ever.”

As her big walk down the aisle drew near, Kendra began to get more and more jittery. “It’s really emotional,” she said. She shared hugs and tears with her parents, who admitted it was “bittersweet” to see their first child get married. “We raise our kids for this moment but it’s still surreal,” Kendra’s dad said. “It happens sooner than you would think.”

Joe and Kendra decided to see each other in their wedding outfits before the ceremony actually started. Their special moment together before being married, was caught on camera, and it was beyond sweet! ”You’re so beautiful, you look amazing… My princess,” Joe said when he first saw Kendra in her sparkly gown. “The dress was even more beautiful than I thought it would be.” 

Joe’s most emotional moment of the day though was when he saw his now-wife walking towards him down the aisle. “I lost it. I’m not a crier,” Joe later said, commenting that it was unusual that he cried SO hard upon seeing Kendra. “No one sees me cry ever. It just shows how much she means to me.” Kendra chimed in, “As I was making my way down the aisle, I realized he was balwing — I was totally shocked,” Kendra recalled. “It was such a sweet moment. It started actually making me emotional.”

But of course the main highlight of the nuptials was witnessing the couple’s first-ever kiss! Kendra told Joe beforehand to “take his time,” and when the big moment came, it couldn’t have gone smoother. “When I kissed Kendra, it was everything I had ever hoped for and more,” Joe said. “It was the most amazing thing ever,” Kendra added. “I forgot about all the people. It was just a really sepcial moment.” 

Counting On returns this summer with all new episodes on TLC! We can’t wait to see Kendra and Joe’s Greece honeymoon and follow along on her pregnancy journey.

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