Kemi Akindoju: Actress criticizes the praise of drug culture in recent Nigerian songs

Posted on Jan 21 2018 - 8:20am by admin

Actress Kemi Akindoju has shared some concerns regarding the high rate of drug use which she submitted has been getting encouragement from the Nigerian society.

She commented on the trend today, Saturday, January 20, 2018 on her Instagram Live.

This encouragement and promotion to use hard drugs and get ‘high’ under the influence in the name of song and dance is disturbing! What’s more disturbing is how comfortable all of us are with it. Me-I’m disturbed!” she wrote.

Her comments on her Instagram seems to have come at a time when Olamide’s ‘Science student’ song, is the soundtrack of the streets.

The dance Kemi Akindoju is most likely referring to is the ‘Shaku Shaku’ dance which is the hottest dance move in Nigerian pop culture at the moment. While Olamide’s ‘Science Student’ has a bit of drug references in its lyrics, Shaku Shaku has nothing to do with the street culture in Nigeria.


Olamide’s ‘Science student’ track is a jam that has received major attention based on its playful narrative style while commenting on the wide practice that has seen people indulge in the act of mixing intoxicants such as codeine and Tramadol for consumption.


Earlier in the week,  a social media expert, Kolo Kadiri, lamented in a tweet about the rate of drug use in Nigeria while giving details relating to a drug raid that saw the Nigerian authorities seize billion worth of Tramadol at the Apapa port in Lagos.

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He expressed concern about how the menace could adversely affect the youths who are the chief patrons of drugs in Nigeria.

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