Keely Sounds Off On ‘L&HH: Atlanta’s Latest Feud: I’m ‘Disappointed’ By Just Brittany
Posted on Apr 17 2018 - 2:43am by admin

There’s a new boss in town on ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’! HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Keely, and she revealed how she really feels about her girl, Just Brittany, going after Erica Mena.

Keely Hill, best known as Keely the Boss, joined Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta just in time for a major blow up between Just Brittany, 28, and Erica Mena, 30. When HollywoodLife spoke to Keely EXCLUSIVELY over the phone, she was more than happy to explain how she felt when Brittany and Erica’s argument on the April 2 episode escalated to a point where Erica needed to be dragged out of the restaurant by security. “I was really disappointed in Brittany and how she handled it. Professionally that’s just not how you handle situations and I won’t, me personally, it’s not something that I’ll ever tolerate or condone or encourage,” Keely explained to HollywoodLife. “I think that was a huge red flag for me with her, for sure.”

In case you missed it, Keely was introduced to the L&HH: Atlanta audience when she showed up with Just Brittany to a gathering hosted by Stevie J on the April 2 episode. Because Keely has a background in management, he asked her to help his ex, Mimi Faust, put together a showcase for his artists. Unfortunately for Keely, she didn’t realize she was walking into a firestorm due to the fact that Brittany, Erica, and Estelita had already had it out once and were gearing up for round two.  “I expected that all of the ladies would be professional and hear each other out one-by-one,” Keely told HollywoodLife during our chat. “The same way we would handle it if I was inside of a major label or a major company or whatever and everything just kind of went left. You know, when you’re dealing with female artists sometimes their egos get in the way. You have to treat each project or each artist individually. Everybody’s personality is different. Everybody, they think they don’t have egos but they do.”

So, how did it escalate so quickly? According to Keely, she doesn’t feel like Brittany was open to working things out. “You know, disrespectful shots that were taken at Erica. I can say that I don’t blame Erica for the way that she reacted,” Keely explained. “One of the comments that was made was about her son, and I am a mother, I am a single mother just like Erica is, so when you bring somebody’s child into a conversation those are off limits. Kids are off limits. I don’t disagree with how Erica reacted. I can’t sit here and lie and say that I wouldn’t have done the same thing because I would be dishonest because I definitely would have turned up on [Brittany] as well. But I just think that if positive attitudes were had by everyone when they walked in the door, I think that we could have handled it a little bit better. I think Brittany walked in with more of an aggressive attitude, you know, Erica actually trying to be calm and talk to her — Estelita as well.”

Make sure you tune in to Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta on Monday nights at 8pm ET to find out if Keely and Mimi are able to resolve this drama.

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