Katie Waissel SPLITS from boyfriend Andy Speer less than two months after birth of their baby son

Posted on Sep 14 2018 - 8:08pm by admin

Katie Waissel has revealed the adorable name of her newborn sonKatie Waissel has revealed that she has split from her boyfriend Andy Speer [Katie Waissel/ Instagram]

The X Factor star Katie Waissel and Andy Speer welcomed their baby son Hudson on 1 July, but have since separated. 

The 32 year old star revealed that she and personal trainer Andy are no longer together, calling herself a “solo mama.”

Katie shared a video of herself to Instagram in which she celebrated a milestone in parenthood, as well as revealing that she is now single. 

The X Factor star Katie showed off her baby bump moments before she started getting contractionsKatie Waissel and Andy Speer have split less than two months after welcoming a son[Instagram/ Katie Waissel]

She wrote: “Tonight has been MOMUMENTAL (yes I meant to spell it like that!) having posted about my journey right the way through pregnancy and parenthood, as you have seen, the exhaustion both mentally and physically has been intense! 

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“Tonight was the first night that I put Mr Hudson effortlessly to bed, after a warm bath and two boob feed, and Norman wanted to join him! 

“For the first time in MONTHS, I am sat on my couch in my living room alone watching my favorite tv show and sipping a glass of well deserved wine!”

Katie shared a video in which she celebrated a milestone in parenthood, as well as revealing she is now singleKatie shared a video in which she celebrated a milestone in parenthood, as well as revealing she is now single [Katie Waissel/ Instagram ]

She continued: “Having embarked on the new adventure called parenthood alone as a solo mama, there were times I thought that I wasn’t going to make it, but moments like these, small but powerful breakthrough moments, just go to show that it can be done! 

“I can honestly in this moment say that I am beyond grateful and not going to lie, incredibly proud of myself! So cheers everyone! Happy Hump Day! WE GOT THIS!”

Some of Katie’s fans comforted her about her split from Andy, with the singer replying to some supportive messages. 

Katie shared the first picture of her baby boyKatie welcomed baby Hudson in July [Katie Waissel/ Instagram]

Katie Waissel is pregnant with her first childKatie Waissel shared her pregnancy journey with her fans[Katie Waissel/Instagram ]

To one fan, she wrote: “I must say it has been incredibly hard and yes you’re right, my entire family are overseas but thank goodness for FaceTime.”

To another follower, Katie replied: “Thank you so much honestly from the bottom of my heart!!!”

Andy and Katie are believed to have began dating last summer, before announcing their pregnancy news in January. 

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