Katie Hopkins discovered face-down after collapsing while in South Africa as she shares graphic photo of aftermath

Posted on Feb 4 2018 - 9:39pm by admin

Katie Hopkins hit back at claims she appeared on EastEndersKatie Hopkins has collapsed face-down while in South Africa [Getty]

Controversial star Katie Hopkins, 42, has been rescued by emergency services after collapsing in the street in South Africa.

The former Celebrity Big Brother star took to Twitter to share a photo of herself face-down on the pavement while being assisted by paramedics.

In the photo, the mother-of-three is seen being injected with a needle while surrounded by a team of doctors.

Katie Hopkins is pictured surrounded by paramedics in the shocking photo Katie Hopkins is pictured surrounded by paramedics in the shocking photo [Katie Hopkins/Twitter]

“Grateful thanks to the South African emergency service for putting me back together. Leaving it all on the road, to tell the truths not being told. *ketamine 1 / Hopkins 0.”

Katie, who suffers from epilepsy, is in South Africa to film a project.

The columnist faced another medical emergency in July after suffering a shoulder injury and being rushed to hospital.

Katie Hopkins appears on 'Loose Women', to talk about her time in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' House. Shown on ITV1 HD Featuring: Katie Hopkins When: Katie Hopkins is known for her controversial opinions  [Wenn]

Speaking about her epilepsy in the past, Katie said: “I felt worse in some ways when I was diagnosed. I never thought of myself as ‘epileptic’ or odd – which is pretty much what people think, isn’t it? That epilepsy equals odd.

“That’s harsh, but true. I think many people have the same preconceptions – that people with epilepsy fall on the floor and froth at the mouth.

Celebrity Big Brother: Katie Hopkins rules herself OUT of line up over support for Donald TrumpKatie Hopkins has openly discussed battling epilepsy  [Wenn]

She added: “Also, my doctor pretty much said to me, ‘You’ve got epilepsy. You can try this range of drugs and if we’re lucky one of them will stop it.’ When a doctor says that to you, it’s not terribly reassuring.”

In March she underwent a 12-hour brain operation to treat the condition, which has “plagued her” since she was 19.

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