Joy Duggar Goes Into Labor & Undergoes Scary Emergency C-Section On ‘Counting On’ — Watch

Posted on Mar 20 2018 - 9:22am by admin

After 20 hours of painful labor, Joy Duggar gives birth to her 1st baby in an emotional episode of ‘Counting On.’ She’s even rushed to the hospital at the last minute!

Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth, 20, and Austin Forsyth, 24, welcomed their first child, son Gideon, during the dramatic March 19 episode of Counting On. Originally planned to be a home birth, Joy was in labor for a whopping 20 hours before her midwife recommended she go to the hospital, as she presumed the baby was in breech. Upon arriving at the hospital on Feb. 23, Joy immediately underwent an emergency C-section, and soon gave birth to baby Gideon! The whole ordeal was quite emotional, and as Joy’s dad, Jim Bob Duggar, told the younger kids that Joy was being rushed to the hospital, they grew concerned and anxious. Click here to see cute pics of Joy-Anna and Austin.

While fans found out last week that Joy’s delivery didn’t go as smoothly as planned, when she shared some details in a TLC webisode, on the March 19 episode of Counting On, viewers got to see how everything actually played out. At one point, a worn-out Joy is being wheeled into surgery at the hospital and she tells the camera, “Love you guys. Thank you for your prayers.” Earlier in the episode, Joy explained her decision to have a home birth, like her sisters have done before her. “I decided to have a home birth just ’cause I’d know that it’s more comfortable being at home,” she said. “I really wanted to just try it.”

The reality star ended up going into labor at 4 am on Feb. 22, and throughout that painful process at home, Austin could be seen rocking her and holding a cold compress to her head. The episode also showed how Austin and Joy revealed their pregnancy news to their family, and it revealed the couple’s decision not to find out the sex of their baby. Although Austin DID want to know if they were having a son or daughter, Joy wanted to keep it unknown and be surprised in the delivery room. “I think it’s a boy,” she told cameras early on in the pregnancy. Austin however, thought it was going to be a girl — looks like a mother’s intuition is always spot-on!

Joy and Austin decided to tell their family members about their pregnancy in groups, in order to make it more “special” and individualized. “Today we have some big news to share with both of our families,” Austin told producers. “We’ve gotta hit hard and fast so that way word doesn’t spread.” “Normally family members call a family meeting and tell everyone all at once, but I wanted to make it more special,” Joy added.

The expectant parents first told Austin’s mom and dad, the happy news, and they were of course thrilled. “I’m so excited for Joy and Austin, it’s a miracle to have a child and we’re just blessed to add to our family,” Austin’s mom gushed. Joy’s mom, Michelle Duggar, was just as excited about welcoming another grand baby. “Very exciting news,” she said. “Joy and Austin are expecting our 10th grandbaby! You brought us to double digits, guys!”  

Despite the delivery drama though, everything turned out ok, and both Gideon and Joy were happy and healthy once it was all over. In fact, the new mom ended up debuting photos of her son via Instagram just a few days later! “We are so blessed by the arrival of our son, Gideon Martyn Forsyth! He was born on 02/23/18 @ 3:39pm, weighing 10lbs. 3oz. and was 22 inches long!” Joy captioned Gideon’s first social media pictures.

Joy and Austin only tied the knot last May, so it’s likely she got pregnant on her wedding night, which was 36 weeks and five days before Gideon was born. A full term pregnancy is 40 weeks.

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