Joshua Boyle’s Son Sees Life Outside Captivity For 1st Time & Is All Smiles In ‘Wonderland’ Home

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After being born into captivity, Joshua Boyle’s olden son is enjoying freedom for the first time in his life. Since being rescued from Taliban-linked terrorists, Najaeshi Jonah, 4, is ‘exuberant’ to finally be ‘home’

Imagine knowing nothing but torture and misery, only to find out that the world can have such pleasures as playing in a grassy back yard. Such was the scene on Oct. 14, as four-year-old Najaeshi Jonah, as he explored the garden of his new home in Smith Falls, Ontario, per Daily Mail. The son of Joshua Boyle, 34, and Caitlan Coleman, 31, was born in captivity after his parents were captured by Haqqani fighters in Afghanistan. After his family was freed by Pakistani officials, he was finally given a chance to be a young boy. Najaeshi is “exuberant; honestly freedom seems to have cured half his ills instantly,” his father told the CBC. “He’s running around examining all the gifts compiled over the years.”

“Najaeshi Jonah is examining Post-it notes and curtains and paints and board games, remote controls, everything in the house is a wonderland to him,” Joshua said. “That said, he’s terrified to leave the house, even just to go on the porch…it’s as though he thinks if he ever exits this magical wonderland it will all end.” Najaeshi, like his two other siblings, was born during the five years his parents were abducted and he hasn’t known a life outside of captivity.

“We have reached the first true home that the children have ever known after they spent most of Friday asking if each subsequent airport was our new house hopefully,” Joshua said. “We know nothing is instant — but after five years, it’s so difficult to accept that everything isn’t magically perfect just because you’re no longer being brutalized.”

Joshua Boyle and son Jonah play in the garden at his parents house in Smiths Falls, Ont., on Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017. A couple held hostage for five years by a Taliban-linked network and forced to raise three children while in captivity were initially targeted for ransom because of the impending birth of their first child, the Canadian man at the heart of the case speculated Saturday. Boyle said he and his wife Caitlan Coleman heard at least half a dozen reasons why they had been snatched from a village in Afghanistan and held against their will by the Haqqani network over the years they were imprisoned. (Lars Hagberg/The Canadian Press via AP)

Sadly, Najaeshi’s siblings aren’t as joyful to be free. His younger brother, Dhakwoen Noah, 2, is “nearly as distressed as he was in prison,” according to his father. “It seems everything reminds him of the horrors of prison; cameras are equated to hostage videos, pens are equated to syringes used to drug his parents with ketamine by the guards, slamming doors is associated with cell searches or worse.” The five-month old Ma’idah Grace “seems scared most of the time, but also to have discovered there are more decent people in the world than she knew.” Joshua said that his baby girl “loves it when a relative she didn’t know existed is now singing to her, rocking her to sleep or hugging her.” Hopefully, Najaeshi helps his brother and sister realize that they’re safe, free and finally home.

Aren’t you so happy that this family is given a second chance at a happy life, HollywoodLifers?

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