Jordan Holgerson Slams Friend’s Claim She Wanted To Be Pushed Off Bridge: I ‘Never Asked’ For That

Posted on Aug 18 2018 - 8:43pm by admin

Jordan Holgerson, who was shockingly pushed off a 60-foot bridge by her friend Taylor Smith, spoke out in an interview on Aug. 18 and denied any claims that she wanted it to happen.

Jordan Holgerson, the 16-year-old who made headlines when she suffered injuries after being shockingly pushed off a 60 foot bridge by her friend, Taylor Smith, 18, spoke out about the scary incident in a live interview with Today on Aug.18 and insisted she never wanted it to happen. After Taylor claimed in a recent interview that Jordan asked her to push her off the cliff and into the water because she was too afraid to do it on her own, Jordan denied it. “I never asked Taylor to push me and I don’t think I would have if I wouldn’t have jumped,” Jordan said in the interview.

In addition to disputing Taylor’s claim, Jordan talked about the punishment she’d like her friend to see so she can deal with the consequences of her actions. “I just wanted Taylor to be put away for a little bit so that she can think about what she did and about her actions,” Jordan admitted. When asked if she thinks Taylor and her family should be responsible for paying some of the medical costs that come from treating her injuries, Jordan admitted she does think it would be the appropriate action in the case. “I think there should be some because the bill that we have definitely wasn’t my fault so it wasn’t needed for us to pay for it so I think Taylor’s family should help pay for it.” Jordan also admitted that she may even sue Taylor “if it gets to that point.”

Jordan’s injuries consisted of five cracked ribs, a bruised esophagus, injured trachea, and a punctured lung and air bubbles in her chest. Taylor recently spoke out after the incident and claims she apologized more than once to Jordan and “feels really bad” about what she did. Before the scary situation, Taylor and Jordan were believed to be good friends.

Taylor faces up to one year in prison for pushing Jordan off the bridge, which could killed her. Although people are known for intentionally jumping off the bridge for a thrill, if not prepared or expected, it can be very dangerous. The charges Taylor is facing should play out in the next few months.

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