John Prescott’s EERILY accurate Brexit prediction from 2016 – ‘This is what you’ll get!’

Posted on Aug 2 2019 - 9:44pm by admin

The former deputy to Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair penned a scathing attack on the Tories and Vote Leave for the Mirror just two weeks before the result was announced in June 2016. In it, he said Boris Johnson would become Prime Minister. In the piece from June 11, 2016: “This is a General Election in all but name. You can either vote with Labour to Remain. Or vote Leave and let Boris Johnson become PM.

“Boris’s Brexit Cabinet will be so right-wing and extreme they’ll make the Bullingdon Boys look like Fidel Castro.”

He added that “of all the negatives that come with Brexit, Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minster tops the lot”.

He also slated Priti Patel, now Home Secretary, and Michael Gove, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, citing them as names Mr Johnson would select for his Cabinet.

He said: “Then there’s fellow Brexiter Michael Gove – a former Rupert Murdoch journalist – who laughably paints himself as the scourge of bankers and the ‘elites’. POLL: Would YOU switch vote from Brexit Party to Tories 

He added: “Another Brexiter who could enter the Cabinet is Priti Patel.

“A former lobbyist for tobacco companies, she has wanted to bring back the death penalty and said cutting disabled people’s benefits by £30 a week is justified as it will help those with a “limited capability” to work find a job.

“Do you really believe these people will pump money into the NHS? The Tories have already cut NHS spending from Labour’s average of nine per cent of a country’s Gross Domestic Product to seven per cent.”

The pro-EU anti-Tory piece then continued: “Being in a social Europe reflects our values in the workplace and in civil society so much more than this Tory Government.

“Voting for Boris and Brexit will see you lose control of workers’ rights, our NHS and a prosperous future. So vote with Labour.

“And vote Remain.”

The prediction was all-but correct except for the part about the dangers of Chris Grayling being in Mr Johnson’s Cabinet.

He was instantly sacked after an array of failings.

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