John Bercow stupid woman: When did Commons speaker call Andrea Leadsom a 'stupid woman'

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The House of Commons erupted today as Jeremy Corbyn appeared to call Theresa May a “stupid woman”. The Labour leader seemed to mouth the words following a lively PMQ’s session with Mrs May, with a barrage of questions directed at the Prime Minister about her previous decision to postpone the Brexit vote. Remarks were caught by cameras live at the session, and followed a seemingly peaceful beginning to the often clamorous weekly meeting. Mr Corbyn is not the first politician accused of uttering the phrase in Parliament, as John Bercow was once reprimanded for the same.

When did John Bercow call Andrea Leadsom a ’stupid woman’?

John Bercow called Andrea Leadsom – leader of the House of Commons – a “stupid woman” earlier this year.

The speaker made the comments during another Prime Minister’s Questions on May 16 2018.

Allegedly, Mr Bercow made the remarks after berating the government bench on the day, after they scheduled a statement on the day of the opposition debate.

Ms Leadsom is directly responsible for organising Commons business in Commons, and this would have left the opposition with less time to debate their side.

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Mr Bercow later explained what happened, calling the comments a “muttered aside”.

He said: “The adjective simply summed up how I felt about the way that the day’s business had been conducted.

“Anyone who knows the leader of the house at all well will not have the slightest doubt about her political ability and personal character.”

However, one MP caught the speaker making another set of more offensive comments soon after.

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Talking to the Daily Telegraph, the unnamed MP said: “[He] went on to say either ‘f****** useless or f****** outrageous, but I am clear that the words ‘stupid woman’ were said, and I am clear that the word ‘useless’ was said.

”I thought what I was witnessing was entirely outrageous.“

The Speaker’s Office later released a statement on Mr Bercow’s comments, and acknowledged “strong views” which were expressed during the Parliamentary session.

The statement read: “The Speaker treats his colleagues with respect and strives at every turn to facilitate the House of Commons.”

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Jeremy Corbyn’s comments were received similarly to those from Mr Bercow, and the opposition leader has since released a statement on the comment.

He came back to address politicians in Parliament following the outburst, explaining his words.

He said: ”During Prime Minister’s Question Time today I referred to those who I believe were seeking to turn the debate about the national crisis facing our country into a pantomime as ‘stupid people’.

“I did not use the words ‘stupid woman’ about the prime minister or anyone else and am completely opposed to the use of sexist or misogynist language in absolutely any form at all.”

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