Jimmy Fallon Can’t Stop Sobbing During Emotional Taping Of ‘This Is Us’ & Stars Flip

Posted on Sep 27 2017 - 7:48am by admin

We bawl through ‘This is Us’ too, but this is truly ridiculous. In a Sept. 26 ‘Tonight Show’ sketch, Jimmy Fallon plays a boom operator who just can’t keep it together during the taping of a tragic (and unintentionally hilarious) ‘This Is Us’ scene.

This Is Us is just one of those shows you can’t seem to get through without using at least one tissue. Okay, who are we kidding? We use an entire box — happy? However, we aren’t charged with the task of filming these heart-wrenching episodes. But we did get a good look at how difficult that is when Jimmy Fallon, 43, revealed a fake “backstage look” at the series during the Sept. 26 episode of the Tonight Show. In the skit, he plays Dale, a boom operator who just can’t stop sobbing while This Is Us actors Chrissy Metz (Kate) and Sterling K. Brown (Randall) try to film an emotional scene. While we’re sure watching this moment at home would make us burst into tears, it isn’t great when a member of the crew can’t rein in the tears so they can get the take!

“I really think you need to talk about this,” Sterling says to Chrissy as they start the scene. “You can’t keep it all locked inside anymore.” “But it’s my fault Randall,” she replies, on the verge of tears. “Kate, you have to stop blaming yourself.” “I can’t! I’m the reason that dad died and we all know it. And it’s not something you can forget or get over.” “Dad wouldn’t want — I’m sorry is someone crying?” Sterling says, cutting himself off as we begin to hear Jimmy sob. What ensues is a string of so many takes of them trying to get this scene that Jimmy actually turns on Chrissy for being a “diva,” because she can’t work with him crying constantly. However, everyone eventually breaks down into tears — and a group hug! — once Milo Ventimiglia (Jack) shows up.

This sketch was truly is a great way for This Is Us to poke fun at its stereotype of being a show that just rips people apart emotionally. And what better time to do that then the same night season 2 kicked off? The episode was a very emotional one (way more emotional than what Jimmy was losing it over) that gave us our first real glimpse into how Jack died. Milo happened to be on the Tonight Show to talk about the series a bit after that sketch aired, and admitted that the cast and crew do have a hard time keeping it together in real life! Okay, so maybe Jimmy was on to something with this sketch. Click here to see pics of the This Is Us cast in real life.

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