Jim Iyke: Actor shares how he maintains on and off-screen appeal

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In 2001, a 25-year-old Jim Iyke made his acting debut, and since then, he has never left the limelight.

In a recent interview with Pulse Nigeria, the actor and businessman speaks about how he has successfully maintained his on and off-screen appeal for so long.

According to the actor, who has over the years, made an indelible mark on pop culture with an array of successful movies to his name, a self-imposed sojourn away from the industry has helped him remain relevant.

“Shutting myself away from the confines of the industry, I think, has been one of my chief strategy. I try not to be everywhere anytime,” he told Pulse.

Jim Iyke sits down with Pulse to discuss this infamous AMVC's outfitplay

Jim Iyke sits down with Pulse to discuss this infamous AMVC’s outfit



According to the actor,  while making less appearances  in social circles makes him a social misfit, it’s part of his strategy.

 “A lot of people have described me as being aloof. Some have even termed me arrogant,” he says. But that’s not the case according to him.

“I am just timing and pacing myself accordingly. It’s a long run, it’s longevity. If you intend to do this for life, you can’t spread yourself thin. You can’t be available everywhere, make it scarce. Be available for those that need you mostly, make yourself scarce for those that tolerate you. Create an air of mystery now and then.”

Jim Iyke talks about the impact of G8 ban by marketers in 2004play

Jim Iyke

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He doesn’t want to be tagged ‘a Nollywood actor,” he had told Pulse earlier in 2017.

In 2017, the actor, who was no longer as frequent as he used to be on screens, launched a reality show called “The Adventurer.” And in 2018, he launched an App called Oga Work.

According to Jim Iyke, the importance of pursing other goals cannot be overemphasized.

“Pursue other goals. Every time I come back, a year or two, I have created several other platforms that need me, not only in businesses, but personal curriculum and family responsibilities.”


He makes sure that the entertainment industry doesn’t take everything away from him. According to him, there are three layers of existence in the industry.

“One is simply your private life, second is your secret life and third is your public life. Give them everything you think you can afford that would not harm your person and the people you love.

Your secret life is that which you guard with everything. It encompasses your immediate family, children, your business interest. There are people that for me to rise to that point in life, they would not condone me coming with the number of baggage that circle around me, so to speak.

There are people in business that would only give you such opportunities if they know that you are a very private person and can control whatever comes into your hand. You would not go wild on an ostentatious display of whatever small resources you have. They just want to put their head down. They don’t want to be seen, they just want to achieve and keep moving.”

Jim Iyke is a Nollywood actor, who is popular for his roles in movies such as “Last Flight to Abuja,” “Games Men Play,” “Ready to Die” among others.

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