Jeremy Hunt savaged for ‘random’ policies on BBC Newsnight by David Cameron’s adviser

Posted on Jul 6 2019 - 8:00am by admin

Laura Trott told BBC Newnight Mr Hunt’s agenda is “a mixed bag” following Tory leadership hustings. She went on to describe Boris Johnson’s agenda to be “quite clear”. Ms Trott said: “I think with Boris he has set out what is quite a clear agenda.

“There is a socially liberal piece and an economic piece as well.

“With Jeremy, I think it’s more of a mixed bag.

“To a certain extent, I think the abortion thing was a problem for a lot of female MPs I’ve spoken to.

“However there are some pieces that seem a bit random to be honest.”

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Her comments come after Mr Johnson was accused of being untrustworthy with state secrets by Prime Minister Theresa May.

The claims have been dismissed by Mr Johnson who said it was “not true” that information had been held back from him.

Allies of the former Foreign Secretary said if Mr Johnson was ever stopped from looking at security briefings it was because of “control freakery” rather than concerns surrounding his trustworthiness.

Security minister Ben Wallace told The Daily Telegraph: “Playing petty politics with intelligence dishonours the professionals who serve their political masters irrespective of what party they are from.”

Former Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rifkind also told BBC Newsnight: “I find the story unconvincing.

“Frankly, the argument that two days after he was made Foreign Secretary No 10 was trying to stop him gaining access to intelligence.

“If that was a problem, Theresa May wouldn’t have appointed him in the first place.

“You don’t appoint a Foreign Secretary when you simultaneously don’t believe he should given access to intelligence.”

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