Jeremy Corbyn compared to ‘Hitler’ in shock outburst by Question Time audience

Posted on Sep 29 2017 - 6:38am by admin

In a heated exchange with Labour MP Ian Lavery, the audience participant claimed Jeremy Corbyn wanted to start a revolution before relaying the comparison to Hitler from another audience member.

The Wolverhampton resident said: “I do not think that John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn want to take us back to the 70s, I think that they want to take us back into the early 1900s and relaunch a communist revolution.”

Responding to the rebuke to the veteran socialist’s Labour conference speech, Mr Lavery spoke of his leader’s shock popularity and ability to draw a crowd.

Mr Lavery said: “I think you will find that the general public feels a lot different to you, sir.

“Jeremy now is one of the most popular politicians in this country and has been for many years.

“He attracted tens of thousands of people no matter where he went during the election campaign, simply because he had a message of hope which is an aspiration for everybody in society.”

In a shocking response the man in the front row says: “The person behind me just said ‘so did Hitler’.”

The studio audience quickly twisted the knife with a double whammy of tough questions for the Labour MP.

First a man claimed there had been anti-Semitism at the Labour party conference and accused Mr Lavery of supporting “authoritarian” reforms to MP selection.

Then another quickly puts the boot in asking: “If Jeremy Corbyn becomes the Prime Minister will he bankrupt the country in his first term or will it take him two terms to finish the job.”

Finally, one person does jump to the Labour leaders defence proclaiming he has given the party back its “pride and dignity”.

Concerns have been raised about a “cult of personality” being built around Corbyn, with supporters chanting his name at events.

When asked about the “cult of personality” the Labour leader told Sky News: “I did work hard in the election but so did everyone else.

“I often feel deeply embarrassed by it. It’s not my wish and it’s not my doing.”

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