Jeffrey Dahmer’s Rape Victim Reveals He Only Escaped Serial Murderer By Creeping Out A Window

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Jeffrey Dahmer’s rape victims have come forward to share their frightening experiences with the serial killer. Here’s how they managed to escape death at the hands of a murderer and cannibal.

Preston Davis, 58, and Billy Capshaw were both raped and severely assaulted with iron bars and more by serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer when they were stationed in Germany as part of the U.S. military. Now, they are speaking out about the scary ‘sociopath’ and how they narrowly escaped death. Billy encountered Jeffrey between 1979 and 1981. “Jeff Dahmer was a sociopath, a psychopath, a narcissist – he was insane,” Billy told the same outlet. “It took a long time to cope with what happened, and I only came out with my experience when my father died. It was too horrible, too embarrassing, and I didn’t want my dad to know.” Billy was Jeffrey’s roommate during his days in the military and says he was tortured, tied to the bed, and beaten many times throughout the two years. Both men claimed Jeffrey was at his worst when he drank alcohol. “It was Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” Billy continued. “I was in a room I was scared to come out of. I would steal Jeff’s money thinking that if he didn’t have any money, that he wouldn’t drink anymore and therefore wouldn’t hurt me anymore. He beat me so badly for that, and to stop me from screaming, he hit me harder.” He tried to escape a few times from the window or fire escape. “I thought about killing him, and I thought about killing myself,” Billy sadly said.

Preston was only 20-years-old  when he met Jeffrey and described him as a “racist.” “I didn’t care for him because of his racial overtures,” he told The Wrap. “He was a very racist individual, and once he started drinking, he became a very obnoxious individual.” Preston went on to say that Jeffrey would also brag about killing his first victim, Steven Hicks, a year before. During a 1979 field exercise with Jeffrey in Belgium, Preston says their vehicle broke down and was soon drugged and assaulted by Jeffrey. “The reason he didn’t kill me was that were out in the middle of Belgium and he had no idea how to get back to Germany,” he stated. Preston tried to block the incident from his mind until now and says he considers himself a survivor and not a victim. See photos from the film, My Friend Dahmer based on Jeffrey’s life, here.

Jeffrey was eventually discharged from the military in 1987 and started his killing spree of 17 men and boys shortly after. After being sentenced to prison, he died from severe head trauma after being struck in the head with a metal bar by a fellow inmate while in his cell.

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