Jamie and Louise Redknapp: The REAL reason they divorced

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Louise filed for divorce as a ‘wake-up call’, but now she’s paid the price

Just over nine months ago, Louise Redknapp had finished performing across the country as part of the Strictly Come Dancing tour. But two weeks ago it was revealed that shortly after the tour wrapped up, the mum-of-two had already secretly set the ball rolling to end her 19-year marriage to husband Jamie.

Divorce papers obtained after the 25-second hearing on 29 December showed the Naked singer claimed that Jamie was to blame for the breakdown, citing ‘unreasonable behaviour’ in the court documents. For his part, Jamie has told friends he’s unhappy that he’s being blamed.

But we can exclusively reveal that though Louise began all this she didn’t, in fact, want it to end.

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A source tells us Louise, 43, filed for divorce as she felt Jamie, 44, was unsupportive during her time on Strictly. Our source says, ‘Louise was a devoted wife and mother and felt strongly about needing her own career, fame and money. By expressing her independence she was trying to push Jamie to wake up – she never wanted the divorce to materialise.’

It’s no secret that Louise’s career took a back seat when the pair started a family in 2004, with son Charley, now 13, before having second son Beau, now nine, four years later. ‘I lost myself. It happens to a lot of women when they get married and have children,’ she said in an interview last year.

Louise Redknapp

Louise had supported Jamie as he made the switch from footballer to pundit on Sky Sports, while also appearing on shows such as A League of Their Own, and it’s understood she wanted to carve out her own career again. Our source says, ‘Jamie’s been doing his thing since they married and Louise wanted to do hers for herself. She needed him to stand by her while she did hers.’

But instead of gaining more freedom, Louise has ultimately ended up single. We’re told, ‘Jamie wanted the old Louise back, that’s the issue. She feels destroyed, furious and blames him. She was telling friends how she loves her family deeply and felt conflicted about letting Jamie go because of her enduring love for him.’

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So much so that we’re told, ‘Louise tried until the end to give them more time – that’s why so many months passed where she never took off her ring and they went to counselling.’

Our insider adds, ‘Louise even suggested seeing a new family counsellor in the New Year, but in the end it was Jamie who took off his wedding ring. He was reportedly egged on by mates and some of his family who are said to be livid with Louise for following the path of resurrecting her stardom.’

Despite missing out on the glitterball trophy with dance partner Kevin Clifton, Louise admitted, ‘When you have a family, you may not perform for a long time… I realised just how much I love singing, dancing, performing. The thought of not having the opportunity to carry on doing it was kind of devastating for me.’

Fast-forward to six months after the Strictly tour – and the initial divorce application – and Louise was back as Sally Bowles in a touring production of Cabaret, and partying with her Strictly pal Daisy Lowe.

But despite her career revival, the singer is said to be ‘devastated’ that she’s not been able to make it work. Our insider tells us, ‘She’s totally gutted but 
she’s now going into 2018 determined to make 
a new life on her terms.’

Whatever happens, it 
won’t be the last we’ll see 
of Louise that’s for sure.

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