Jacob Rees-Mogg's ERG launches dossier SLAMMING Theresa May's Brexit deal

Posted on Nov 19 2018 - 1:54pm by admin

The European Research Group (ERG) published Your Right to Know: The Case Against Chequers and the Draft Withdrawal Agreement in Plain English three days after the Government’s 585-page draft deal with the EU was released. Mrs May’s Chequers blueprint and last week’s withdrawal document “mean that the UK would not, in reality, leave the European Union”, the ERG claims. The paper boils down Mrs May’s agreement to five key issues, attacking her government over a £39 billion EU payment and remaining “bound by EU laws”.

Staying in a Customs Union, Northern Ireland being treated separately from the UK and the role of the European Court of Justice are also challenged.

The ERG document said: “The combination of these measures means the United Kingdom will have not left the European Union but will instead be ‘half in and half out’.

“This will mean that we will become a ‘vassal state’ many of whose laws will have been created abroad and over which we have no influence.

“This is completely against the spirit of the 2017 referendum in which 17.4 million UK citizens voted to leave the European Union.”

Tweeting the document, Mr Rees-Mogg said: “The ERG’s paper explains why the proposal from Downing Street does not deliver Brexit.”

It comes after the ERG chairman submitted a letter of no confidence in the Prime Minister to 1922 Committee chairman Sir Graham Brady.

At least 23 MPs have handed in letter of no confidence in Mrs May’s leadership.

If 48 letters are submitted, a secret ballot on Mrs May’s leadership would be triggered.

Some Conservative MPs claimed last week that Sir Graham had already received 48 letters.

But the 1922 Committee chair said he won’t even tell his wife how many letters he has received.

Mrs May could face a leadership bid next week, but was defiant during an interview with the BBC’s Andrew Marr on Sunday.

She warned MPs against mounting a leadership coup as Brexit talks reach a crucial stage.

Mrs May said: “It is not going to make the negotiations any easier and it won’t change the parliamentary arithmetic.”

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