Iyabo Ojo shares 5 emotional experiences she went through in marriage

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Iyabo Ojo left many of her colleagues and thousands of fans – including single mothers – crying as she celebrates the 2019 Mother’s Day in tears.

The video depicts Ojo in a never seen before mood as she sheds tears of joy on her achievement with her children in the last 19 years.

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Here are 5 emotional experiences Iyabo Ojo shared on why she walked out of her marriage to be a single mother.

1. I found out my husband doesn’t love me on my wedding night

In a six minutes long video, the ‘Silence’ star narrated how she found out that her ex-husband never loved her on the night of her wedding. Soaked in her own tears, Ojo narrated how she found out that her husband was not in love with her on her wedding night.

I found out my husband never loved me and I was the one who loved her. He told me that he didn’t love me but only married me because I was pregnant with his child,” she said.

2. I became born again to avoid quitting my marriage

Iyabo Ojo was all tears as she narrates her experience in marriage. [Instagram/ Iyabo Ojo]

Ojo couldn’t fight back her tears as she narrated how she became born again so as to avoid quitting her fresh marriage. “…I gave my life to Christ again and I held on because I just couldn’t get out of the marriage I just got into. I gave birth to my son in a Redeemed Christian Church of God in Itire, Lagos…” the actress and producer said. Ojo went on to narrate how she had her first child and son, Festus Oladunjoye Ojo in church 18 years ago.

3. I got pregnant again while working on my marriage

Iyabo Ojo narrated how she got pregnant with her second child while working on her marriage. [Tattafoblog]

Iyabo Ojo narrated how she had worked on her marriage to make it work despite being confronted with no love from her ex-husband. The ‘Arinzo’ star narrated how she tried her best to make the marriage become a success. “…And in the bid of trying to make my marriage work, I found out I was pregnant again. And this time, the situation was worse because my husband (ex) was gone even while we were together. I tried to love him with every bit of me, I tried to give him every bit of me, everything possible but he wasn’t understanding my kind of love.”

4. I do not blame my ex-husband for not loving me

Iyabo Ojo says she doesn’t blame her ex-husband for his attitude towards her. [House of Malik]

The award-winning actress also explained that she has no blame for her ex-husband for putting her through the emotional torture. She said she doesn’t blame her ex because they are two people with different families, beliefs and paths. “I don’t blame him because we are two different people from apart because we came from different parts, different families, and our thinking, our beliefs were so different…” she said. 

5. I had N150 when I gave birth to Priscilla

An emotional Iyabo Ojo recounted how she gave birth to her second child, Priscilla Ojo with just N150 on her. 

Iyabo Ojo’s daughter, Priscilla Ojo turned 16 in 2017 and the actress threw a big party to celebrate her. [Instagram/Iyabo Ojo]

When I was about to have my baby girl, there was no money. All I had on me was just N150. I didn’t want the baby but Priscilla just wanted to come so I had to beg a nurse to help me deliver my baby in her room because she just lived a few blocks away from me. With no medication, with no attention, I had my baby in a room because I took courage from the Hausas living behind our house because they had their kids in the room and I felt I could also do the same and I didn’t care and when she came, I fainted because I lost a lot of blood and my husband couldn’t take me to the hospital at that time but God saw me through…” 

With 15 films to her credit as a producer, Iyabo Ojo has featured in over 50 Nollywood movies since she got introduced into the industry by Bimbo Akintola in 1998.

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