Instagram Model Bitten By A Shark Would Swim With Them Again — Here’s Shocking Reason Why

Posted on Jul 13 2018 - 7:23pm by admin

Katarina Zarutskie is one tough cookie! After getting bitten while swimming with a school of sharks in the Bahamas, the IG model tells us EXCLUSIVELY she would do it all over again.

Sometimes the perfect Instagram pic just isn’t worth it. Influencer and model Katarina Zarutskie went swimming with a school of nurse sharks while on vacation in the Bahamas and one of them chomped down on her forearm, pulling her underwater. The 19-year-old lifestyle blogger who created the site Vogue and Vegetables tells EXCLUSIVELY that she knew what she was doing, as she’s scuba dived and spent a lot of time in the ocean, and knew nurse sharks to be very passive creatures that rarely attack humans. Even though she suffered a bite to her arm, she has no regrets about the experience and would totally do it again!

“I definitely would swim with sharks again. If it was for a good reason and I was able to donate to a cause and to help them then I would do it in a heartbeat. They’re magical and beautiful creatures It was an accident. The shark that bit me is a wild animal and what happened was a big accident because nine out of ten times nothing bad happens,” Katarina tells us.

“I really want to bring awareness to sharks. I’m starting to talk to different foundations about how I can help. Anything I can do to bring awareness at this point. I’ve been blessed and given this opportunity and I just want to figure out a way to use this as a positive platform to bring awareness to sharks and to the ocean and to the dying reef. There are so many things, now that I do have this platform to use, my next move is to figure out how I can help,” she continues.

Just before she was bitten, Katarina’s boyfriend took an incredible pic for her Instagram where she’s seen floating on her back in a blue bikini while a school of sharks can be seen circling around her in crystal clear waters. Shortly after the photo was taken, she suffered the bite. Luckily the University of Miami student was able to wrestle herself from the shark’s grip and didn’t suffer permanent injuries. “When I got out of the water and realized I had all of my fingers and my wrist and I could move it I just felt so blessed that it wasn’t a more dangerous and morbid situation,” she tells us. Despite suffering a gory shark bite, Katarina says that the experience of being in the water with the creatures, “It’s the coolest thing I’ve ever done.”

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