'Inevitable' – UK will REJOIN EU within matter of YEARS as May opposes Brexit, MEP warns

Posted on Oct 15 2018 - 3:07am by admin

Brexiteer MEP Tim Aker has claimed Britain’s vote to leave the EU will be reversed in a matter of years as a result of Mrs May’s handling of the Brexit negotiations, creating the prospect of the UK being shackled to the EU once more in the future. 

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, Mr Aker said: “While we have a Prime Minister who doesn’t want Brexit and thinks Chequers is workable, we won’t be going anywhere.”

The European lawmaker similarly undermined the Prime Minster’s Brexit negotiations, which remain deadlocked on key issues including the Northern Ireland border and the UK’s future customs arrangement with the EU.

In a sharp rebuke to Mrs May, Mr Aker stated the European Research Group (ERG) of pro-Brexit Conservative MPs had achieved more progress on resolving the UK’s Brexit deadlock in the space of two weeks than Downing Street has in two years.

He said: “The European Research Group (ERG) managed more in the space of a few weeks than the hopeless Government has managed in two years.

“Where there’s the will, there’s the way.”

In particular, the ERG published a report in September outlining proposals for resolving the Irish border issue while avoiding the reimplementation of a hard border.

The report stated that “established technical solutions and simplified customs procedures” could be implemented to resolve the issue, pointing to a form of the ‘maximum facilitation’ customs arrangement.

Mr Aker consequently called on leading Brexiteers, including former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and former Brexit Secretary David Davis, to oust Mrs May and take control of the negotiations to deliver on the will of the British voters.

In a stark warning to Mrs May, he said: “It’s time for Mr Davis and Mr Johnson to step up to the plate and show Theresa May the door.

“They like making noise but it’s time to deliver – the time is running out.”

He warned that if Brexiteer MPs fail to change the course of the Brexit negotiations, the UK runs the risk of rejoining the EU within a matter of years.

In a damning conclusion, he said: “The Chequers deal makes it inevitable that we will rejoin the EU within years or even months of leaving.”

Mrs May nevertheless vowed to stick to her Chequers proposal at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham last week and threatened to walk away without a deal at next week’s EU leaders’ summit unless the bloc offers further concessions.

Meanwhile, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has stated that the chances of achieving a deal at next week’s summit have increased in recent days.

However, a source warned that if Mrs May’s proposals are once again rejected by the EU as they were at the Salzburg summit, then the chances of securing a deal will remain slim.

They told Daily Mail: “If there is another Salzburg-style reject at the summit, then things will start to get fruity.”

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