Idaho Mom ‘Deliberately’ Killed Herself & Three Children, Ages 8-13, By Driving Off 50 Ft. Cliff

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So sad. Officials concluded that an Idaho mom intentionally killed herself and her three children by driving her car off a 50 ft. cliff. Find out the chilling details here.

This is just tragic. After officials investigated Idaho mother, Noel Bankhead, whose car drove off a 50 ft. cliff  in June 2016 killing her and her three children, they came to the conclusion that it wasn’t an accident. The Ada County Sheriff’s Office concluded that Noel deliberately drove the car off the cliff due to witness statements and a lack of skid marks on the road, according to the Dailymail. The bodies of Noel and her children, Anika Voermans, 13, Logan Voermans, 11, and Gwyneth Voermans, 8 were recovered after the incident, but it’s only now that the disturbing determination of a triple homicide-suicide has been made.

Noel’s Land Rover sunk in 40 feet of water in Lucky Peak Lake causing the roof to get smashed. The official cause of death was drowning associated with blunt force trauma. Witnesses told the investigators that Noel could be seen driving on a state highway when she turned away to position her car toward the cliff before accelerating. There was also nothing mechanically found wrong with the vehicle in the investigation other than the damage caused by the incident. However, there was a water-damaged device that they were unable to recover information from such as speed, acceleration, and breaking.

Noel worked as a paralegal and legal secretary for more than 20 years and went through a divorce two years before the crash occurred. There was no official comment on the children’s father, Robert, but he appeared to be active in their lives. The sheriff spokesman declined to comment on the motive. We send our condolences for all the Bankhead/Voermans family and friends affected by this terrible tragedy.

Idaho Mom Kills herself & her three childrenCourtesy of AP

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